Stan gets bold — faced names

Heat! Sweltering, miserable, roasting, 110 degrees in Yankee Stadium, painful heat. While I am irritated and annoyed, let me tell about other things that bug me.

I don’t like bands at weddings. Musicians turn their amps up high and guests cannot have a decent conversation.

I also don’t care for photographers who interrupt dinner asking half the guests to stand up and relocate behind the other half so that they can get a photo of the entire table. It would be nice if they waited a few minutes for us to finish that particular course.

I do not like liberal judges. I think that all criminal court judges, as a requirement for sitting on the bench, should be mugged at least once. THEN maybe they’ll hand out realistic sentences.

I have no respect for a friend who last week said that he is so disappointed in Obama that he will never again vote for him, but since he is a Democrat he will vote for everyone else on the left. Hey pal, even though you no longer like this president, don’t you realize that electing Democrats just gives him more power to accomplish all those things that you do not care for? My advice for you this November — stay home.

I’m not thrilled with Red Hatters who are so proud of their organization that they insist on wearing their hats during a matinee.

I HATE Brian David Mitchel, Roman Polanski, John Couey and every damn, SOB pedophile on this planet.

I LOVE Bill O’Reilly. He is one of the very few influential people on the planet that is devoted to protecting our children. God bless you, Mr. O.

I am not a fan of Whoopi Goldberg. She has a sewer mouth that should be washed out with soap.

I dislike judges who sentence criminals to “public service.” I spent my life volunteering for the American Legion, JWV, PTA, Cub Scouts, LARCS, and on and on goes the list of organizations that used my services. I just read about someone who broke a law and as part of his punishment he has to contribute 100 hours of community service. Community service? Hey, isn’t that what I did without breaking a law? Can I place my many hours in the bank in case I DO decide to break a law? OK — you sidewalk lawyers — let’s hear from you.

I also dislike people who never gave five minutes of their time to any of the groups I worked with but were the first to offer advice to me by starting a conversation with, “Ya’ know what you should do?”

Yes, lady. I know what I should do. I should walk away from you now but I’m very polite and you’re a know-it-all.

I would like to see the courts hand out heavy fines for healthy people who use momma’s disabled placard to get a closer parking spot.

I am fed up with people who blame Bush for everything. BULLETIN: Bush is no longer the president. He hasn’t been for a year and a half.

And finally — I have had it with those who tell me about gun control. Many years ago Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson saved my life. I am [email protected] saying it again — “From my cold dead hand.”

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