Stan goes fast and furious with his questions

Sometimes a question is asked to get information. Sometimes a question is a statement in itself. The following is a collection of both.

Why doesn’t Attorney General Eric Holder just hand over the documents Congressman Darrell Issa has been asking for? What is he hiding? Who is he protecting? Was the White House involved in Fast And Furious? What is President Obama’s connection to this ridiculous plan? Did he invoke executive privilege to cover a crime? Did he commit the crime? Is he the person Holder is protecting? What does the president know and when did he know it? Is the Attorney General taking the fall for President Obama? Is it a matter of arrogance or incompetence?

Whatever happened to the transparency America was promised? Who is the idiot that thought up this worthless, crazy gunrunning operation anyway? Didn’t he realize that if you give weapons to criminals they will use the arms to commit more crimes?

If, as some of the talking heads on the left say, Fast and Furious is the fault of President Bush, don’t you think that the documents proving this would have been presented ASAP?

Will Fast and Furious become President Obama’s Watergate? Since thousands of weapons were involved in this senseless scheme, how many hundreds of Mexicans were murdered along with Brian Terry? Why haven’t we heard from President Felipe Calderon of Mexico on this matter? Why is this not as important to him as the Dream Act, which he did speak about?

Are there any Americans dumb enough to actually believe Nancy Pelosi’s accusations about Eric Holder and her reasons for the Fast and Furious investigation?

Is it time to fire the (Dis)Honerable Mr. Holder?

How can Jay Carney say the things he does and keep a straight face? Aren’t you tired of being told that if you disagree with the president you are a racist?

Is this your grandfather’s America? Is this your father’s Democrat party?

Why are so many on the left afraid to use the words “socialist” and “socialized medicine?” How many of you recognized the indictment of the U.K.’s socialized medicine at the beginning of the flick “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?”

• • •

Why don’t more of us spend a few minutes on CharityNavigator.org before we write that next check? If the March of Dimes is still a great charity why doesn’t it rate more than two stars on the Charity Navigator website?

Why do total strangers have to walk over to see what I am reading and follow that by inserting their two cents worth of disapproval? Just because a yenta is not a fan of Dick Morris it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t finish reading his book.

Do you think Roger Clemens got away with it? Should he be banished from the Hall of Fame?

How many shovel-ready jobs will be created by approving the Keystone Pipeline? Do you think it will be passed before the next election?

Why does Uncle Sam give away billions (that’s billions with a capitol “b”) of dollars to countries that hate America and very rarely vote with us in the United Nations? Does the expression “biting the hand that feeds you” have any meaning here? When will we finally wise up and put a stop to this wasteful spending?

• • •

Why is Global Warming now referred to as “Climate Change?”

Would you like to see Hillary Clinton replace Joe Biden as the vice presidential candidate in the next election?

Do you believe the administration should send troops to Chicago to assist the Windy City’s constabulary with its crime problems? Instead of State Street, would you prefer the troops be sent to the Border? What’s wrong with both?

Would you give up your wedding presents to support a political candidate? Are you in favor of having your son’s bar mitzvah gifts going to President Obama’s re-election campaign? Have you seen the “Obama Event Registry” website?

Why do bands and dejays turn the volume up so loud at weddings and bar mitzvah parties? Do you blame people for not wanting to attend?

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net asking, once and for all, how much, in dollars, is my fair share?

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