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Stan issues a Warren-ing to the senator from Massachusetts

Looks like there won’t be a debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. That’s too bad. It would have been more than just entertaining. For the first 20 minutes, they would have tossed harmless, insulting, trash talk at each other. Then, with the signal from the producers, they would have moved into actual campaign mode with each doing their thing against Hillary.

Can you picture a million people watching a great debate about a candidate who’s not even there? Everybody just knows that the most interesting topic of the evening would have been the Clinton e-mail scandal. No matter what her fans say, the e-mail scandal matters!

It would have been an unfair-but-entertaining two against one, both Donald and the Colonel shouting their worst against a common opponent as I sat there with a scorecard in my hand, counting how many times each used the L word (liar) in his attacks on Crooked Hillary. Oh well. Perhaps, for the sake of a good charity, they might change their minds.

• • •

I set the alarm for 2:45 am. I wanted to hear what my president had to say in Hiroshima. I, along with so many others, expected an apology. He spoke about the way the war ended but that, in my opinion, was not really an apology. I think it was a pretty good speech but two more words would have made it better. Those two words? “Pearl Harbor”! Since he talked quite a bit about the way it ended, those two words would have reminded the world about the way it started.

• • •

In her attempt to discredit Donald Trump, Sen. Elizabeth Warren asked, “What kind of man waits for a housing bubble so that he can buy up what he can at a lower price?” She then answered her own question with some tasteless, ridiculous insults aimed at the right-wing nominee.

No, Miss Warren! The real response to your question is: a good businessman. We all would love to buy real estate, stocks, bonds, and precious metals at a low cost and turn them over for a profit. Everyone of us remembers when gold was less than $600–$600 — right now it is more than $1,200. We all would love to be able to buy low and sell high.

• • •

Responding to Ms. Warren’s lack of intelligence on the matter, Trump referred to her as “Pocahontas,” a throwback to her lies few years ago when she convincingly told the world that she was a descendant of Native Americans.

Stop! We just learned that Warren herself did the same thing several years ago but on a smaller scale. If she was as rich as Trump she would have done it exactly the same as Trump. “Pocahontas” from the Bay State is a hypocrite, or a liar, or both.

• • •

Did you know that Clinton has a Jewish Son-In-Law? So does Trump. I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net saying that no matter who gets elected, they will have to put a mezuzah on the door of the White House.

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