Stan on Sandy, Libya, and the news cycle

It’s all over but the shouting, the whining, the quarreling, the rejoicing, the grumbling and the cheering and they go on and on and on. The aftermath: deep disappointment for some, elation and joy for others. Even with the results already in, Fox News Channel and the New York Post still push news and opinions about the Benghazi cover up.

“That damn Sandy. She pushed Benghazi off the front pages.”

No, my friends. Benghazi was off the front pages weeks before Sandy arrived. If not for a few fair-and-balanced conservative journalists who kept it alive, we would never give the Libyan debacle another thought. Two real questions for many of us on both sides of the aisle is, “Why did Bill go along with Hillary taking the fall for the fiasco?” and “What were the Clintons promised?”

The left-wing newspapers that hid it on the back pages referred to it as a miscalculation, tragic circumstance and, at its worse, an error. No! I call it murder, and those in government that refused assistance from the very beginning when the ambassador in Libya asked for help all the way up to the attack are complicit.

• • •

Sandy did something else that may affect the political arena. I have a few friends that reside in New Jersey. After the storm I reached out to some of them to find out if they are safe. Our conversations segued from the damage caused by the weather to politics. Those on the right are disenchanted with Gov. Christie. Their conversations included the following words: traitor, turncoat, Benedict Arnold, and a few more that my editor, fine gentleman that he is, would never permit me to use in my columns. My friends on the left – yes! I do have friends on the left — are grateful to their governor for his efforts. One of them added, “My side can’t trust him. Your side can’t trust him. Is this the beginning of the end of Christie’s political career?”

This newspaper reaches many of you who commute from the Garden State. Just curious. What’s your thinking about him now? Has your opinion changed?

• • •

Many years ago state Sen. Howard Babbush, (god rest his soul) and I were pretty good friends. I remember him teaching me a few lessons about politics. One of them dealt with the campaign wars. He said that after the elections are over, the generals make peace but the ground troops fight on forever. America just finished with the most passionate and divisive presidential campaign in the history of the United States. Folks who have been friends for years, and found each other on opposing sides, got into what started off as mild debates. Hot-headed arguments which included nasty words were next. Now, many of them will never speak to each other again. Did I say divisive? The good senator was correct.

• • •

Here’s a piece of advice for entertainers, especially the young up-and-coming ones who want to make a career in show business. Remove politics from your act. We spent an interesting, but not very entertaining, evening at a local comedy club. Lines that some in the audience thought were funny were insulting to others. No matter which political party was favored, members of the audience shouted insulting, disgusting comments. The free-for-all heckling did nothing for the young and not-so-young entertainers.

• • •

I did find one wonderful virtue that both the governor and the President had in common. They are both honorable husbands. We’re not talking about men named Sanford, Edwards, Barr, Clinton, Kennedy, and Packwood to name a few. We’re not discussing a hypocrite who campaigned with his wife on his arm and a girlfriend or two in the background. We just finished campaigns by two totally opposite gentlemen, Romney and Obama, who, when it comes to their better halves, love them and place them on high moral pedestals. It’s refreshing to see that in political leaders.

• • •

A few days before the election, in a campaign speech in front of several thousand supporters, Joe Biden gave us another of his forever famous “open mouth, insert foot” statements: “There’s never been a day in the last four years I’ve been proud to be his vice-president.”

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net hoping that we will continue to be entertained by the unintelligent comments coming from the mouth of such an important man.

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