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Stan on Social Security, technology, and the beauty of Fox News

The Cable News Network just reported that Social Security benefits will rise 1.5 percent next year, making it one of the smallest annual cost-of-living increases ever. That number will add less than $20 a month for most of us older folks. They tell us that this very small escalation is largely due to extremely low inflation. According to our bean-counters, prices rose only 1.2 percent overall last year.

Really? Who are the people who come up with these statistics? Where do they shop?

I invite them to do a bit of food shopping at any Brooklyn supermarket.

• • •

Two cars collided and, obviously, not everyone was wearing a seat belt. Shortly after the auto accident, many who were nearby stopped to shoot photos of the gal who was thrown from her car. She was there on the ground, out cold, holding her cellphone. Nothing more needs be said.

• • •

Three of my granddaughters, ages 13, 15, and 18, were in the back seat of my car. They were very quiet because they were busy texting. Who were they texting? Each other! Wow. With all these modern gadgets around, teenagers no longer need the ability to talk!

• • •

All across this country there are cities and states that are on the verge of bankruptcy and who is being blamed? The unions and their overpaid, underworked employees along with exorbitant pensions. No! No! No! You really can’t blame labor for attempting to earn as much money and as many benefits for the membership that it can. Instead, you might want to take a swing at the short-sighted politicians that signed those contracts. They had to know that when the spit hit the fan, they would be long gone.

• • •

I love watching the most watched cable news network in the country, the Fox News Channel. I have a reader who always seems to gripe about Fox every time I mention it. At this moment, he is trembling with joy while attempting to form his usual negative comment. Note — I said “A” reader. A singular, one, unique, reader.

Oh, I know that we receive similar comments from several different folks. Shhh. Don’t tell anybody. It is the same guy writing under several different names. He thinks we don’t know. He also doesn’t know that his “mean-spirited” comments have cost him big time. Someday I will have the pleasure of meeting him and telling him what he lost.

I’m certain that right now some of you, not him, will really forward your comments to me. Please do. I welcome them. But please, tell me why you hate Fox.

And now, Maria Bartiromo, formerly of CNN and CNBC is the latest to jump ship. I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net applauding Fox as it continues to hire the most beautiful and the most intelligent women in the United States.

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