Stan says the polls don’t lie

The CBS-New York Times poll also has the “No” number at 70 percent. An NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll? Sixty-three percent. Reuters? Sixty-nine percent. And Pew research has the number at 73 percent.

No matter who’s doing the asking, more than two-thirds of this nation responds that they are unhappy with the way things are going. That’s not very good and my president continues to tell us that we need to “invest” in yada, yada, yada.

Everybody knows by now that word means “invest” means “spend” and Barack’s spending has not been successful. The $800 billion — that’s billion with a capital “B” — stimulus plan as failed. With many of my friends still out of work, I’ve been hearing a lot about something called “voter’s remorse.”

• • •

There is no doubt that being an air traffic controller is a very stressful job. To deal with all that pressure, the high compensation, the great medical insurance, holidays and vacations — wait a second! The average controller’s pay is $160,000 a year? For that kind of salary I’d do everything in my power to stay awake. I’d do cartwheels and handstands. I’d take No-doz, drink strong coffee by the gallon, have energy drinks by my side, and may even put an IV in my arm filled with java running right into my veins.

Right now, at least 10 of you are preparing to send me an e-mail informing me all about the side effects and dangers of caffeine. You may remember that I am a pharmacist, so don’t bother. Besides, I would rather be taken to the hospital for a bad reaction to a psychoactive stimulant than have to live the rest of my life knowing that I fell asleep and was responsible for the death of 300 people.

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I love cruising. I’d rather be on a cruise than — STOP! Instead of reading what I have to say about being on a ship please go to TOS50.com and listen to what I have to say. Let me know what you think!

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Rachel Maddow is busy spinning the small attendance at the Tax Day Rallies into a weakness of the Tea Party. Good try, Rachel, but you’re wrong. You don’t measure the power of a movement by the number of people who show up at city hall. You measure it by the number that show up at the voting booth. The Tea Party did pretty damn well a few months ago, and as long as you on the left continue to talk about it, the faction will continue to do well.

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My weekly “Save A Penny Here, Save A Dollar There” to Mr. Raisman points to Defense Secretary Robert Gates who recently identified $30 billion — that’s billion with a capital “B” — worth of spending cuts that he claims will be achieved by greater efficiency. I am stangershbein@bellsouth.net saying that Congress may want to listen to the secretary. Even if he’s only half right, $15 billion is nothing to sneeze at.

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