Stan sorts through the scraps of paper on his nightstand

The following is from the scribblings I found on scraps of paper and backs of envelopes piling up on my nightstand.

“Open mouth, insert foot.” Who comes to mind when you hear that? I’m not sure about you, but I instantly think of Joe Biden. It’s almost funny reading about the gaffs that fly out of his mouth on a regular basis. He’s certainly not helping his cause unless his cause is to benefit the opposition. Two thousand Americans were asked, “Who does Joe Biden help more?” About 89% answered the Republicans while only 10.5% said the Democrats.

If you think the White House is not paying attention to this, you might want to give some thought to the rumors flying around about Hillary replacing Biden in the next presidential election. This is a real situation that those of us on the right worry about. We know that Mrs. Clinton’s popularity never faded. She could bring out the women’s vote like nobody else. She and Bill could raise funds for the party and have us thinking about capitalism again. They would bring back the Democrat mega-buck donors who have washed their hands of President Obama. She would lean on — or at least appear to lean on — Bill, which would have us believing that the administration will move to the center.

Heck. Now I have to look up my notes from three years ago so that I can remind you of all those lies Hillary told. And, boy, did she tell some whoppers!


Speaking about the things we forgot, how many of you remembered that there is a case pending against Rep. Maxine Waters? This long-running situation alleges that there was a conflict of interest involving her husband’s holdings in a bank that she assisted through the 2008 financial crisis. Thinking about the wheels of justice grinding very slowly, the House Ethics Committee finally voted unanimously to allow the case to move forward. There’s just one question that needs to be answered — what the h— took so long?


I recently suggested that President Obama refrain from sending troops overseas anymore. Send them to Chicago where they are needed. The Windy City was home to more than two hundred homicides during the first five months of the year. That’s a jump from 134 during the same period last year. During the recent Memorial Day weekend, 43 people were shot and 10 were killed. The Chicago Police Department could use some help. I know of at least three of you who are going to write to tell me that according to the most recent FBI Violent Crimes Statistics, Oakland, Detroit, Memphis, Flint, and St. Louis are worse. I know, but those cities are not on my bucket list.


To the reader who sounded disappointed when he accused me of being biased: Yes! I am biased. I am not a reporter. I write an opinion column and, of course, my opinions of recent events and situations are biased. You have every right to disagree with me. You do not have a right to be my editor. That position is taken and the man who holds that position is doing a fine job. Thank you for writing.


By forbidding the Lee Greenwood patriotic song, “God Bless The U.S.A.”, from being sung at the kindergarten graduation, Greta Hawkins, principal of PS 90 in Coney Island, did a great job of making the New York City school system the laughing stock of America. Hey there, Ms. Hawkins. I am “Proud To Be An American” and I am embarrassed that you are part of what was once the best public school system in the nation.


I did it again. I can’t help it. I’m an addict. I’m addicted to all of those dollar stores popping up all over town. I see one and I find it necessary to walk in and browse. No. I take that back. Not just browse. I wind up buying thirty or forty bucks worth of stuff that I didn’t need and wouldn’t buy if I didn’t walk in there in the first place. I need help. I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net asking, where do I go for Dollar Shopaholic Rehab?

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