Stan stands up for public free speech

Have you been watching the anti-Trump protests? How many American flags did you see? In one very large protest, I counted none.

Oops! Sorry. I did see one. Some miserable, anti-American, freeloading son of a b—- was setting fire to it. There was not one single respectful waving of the stars and stripes, but I did notice many, many Mexican flags.

What did they accomplish? Nothing. In fact, I do know several people who intended to sit home this election day but, because of the new Mexican revolution, they will hold their noses and come out to vote for The Donald. Would you say that the Mexican protests are counter-productive? Maybe.

(By the way, these are not protests. They are violent rioting by toughs.)

• • •

Have you ever been to Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London? That is an area where anyone can stand on a box or a small ladder and make a speech on anything he or she wants to as — long as what is said is within the law. I have been there several times, and the listeners applaud or hiss as they approve or disapprove of what they hear. I cannot recall ever seeing a flag burned or a fight break out. I think the British are pretty civilized in their debating.

Way down on some of our southern beaches, orators are doing pretty much what our British friends are doing. If you see someone carrying a milk crate, follow him — there’s a good chance that he is looking for a space to make a political speech.

I heard this on a Florida beach last week: “Donald will build a wall. Yay! Hillary will call in her decorator to discuss what color to paint it.”

Yup. Those speeches — here as well as in Great Britain — can be pretty funny. The biggest laughter came when the talker shouted something about Hillary calling Trump a liar. It took almost 10 minutes of interrupting audience participation before the crowd came to order.

“Pelosi says we need a woman president? Isn’t it more important that we choose a competent president that will make America great again?” an orator asked.

With those few lines, the crowd knew exactly who he was campaigning for — and the majority were in his corner.

That slew of attacks on Trump will not make much of a difference. Everybody knows that Hillary is the bigger liar. Trump’s not so honest himself. His likability is about as low as hers.

Decision time is approaching. I cannot blame those that want to sit home on Election Day. The question is, as we used to ask in the first grade: “Which one is worser?”

Go on in, hold your nose and choose a president.

• • •

Google the following line: “Trump will never get the nomination.”

You will see story after story filled with the writers’ reasons why Trump will never get the nomination — everything from Trump being anti-women to anti-Mexican to the Trump University scandal. On and on and on go all of the reasons why the writers truly believe that “Tump will never get the nomination.”

Now, if and when you read the newspapers, you see many stories that say “Trump will never be elected president of the United States.” I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net saying that so many of these people that are writing these stories are the very same left-wing newspaper people that swore up and down that “Trump will never get the nomination.” Hmmm…

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