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Stan unloads on gun haters

There are those in the United States that want to see all guns banned. Not just the big ones that hold large clips of ammunition. There are really folks that want all guns, including handguns, outlawed. Do you believe that?

Of course you do.

Chicken Underwear from Park Slope asked me on BrooklynDaily.com “Who is shouting, ‘Get rid of all guns?’ ” Before waiting for a response he answered the question himself, “Nobody!” He asked it again and this time he resorted to low-level name calling. Ok, Mr. Underwear. Obviously you don’t believe that there are folks in this nation that want to see all guns banned. In the interest of space here are just a few.

Mayor Ed Koch, who died last week, was one of my favorite entertainers. In an interview on ABC radio Mr. Koch said, “I don’t believe that our society should have guns. I don’t believe we should have millions of guns out there in the hands of people who are not part of law enforcement.”

The Gallup people asked if there should be a law that would ban the possession of handguns except by those in law enforcement. Twenty-four percent shouted “Make the law!”

Escapist Magazine ran two polls regarding gun control. One of them asked readers if they would “Ban all types of guns.” As of this writing, 14 percent of those who responded made that choice. I found it interesting to note that another choice was “Ban all types of weapons.”

An article in the Santa Maria Times opened with the following line: “We must outlaw guns, period.”

There are photos of “Ban all guns” signs on the internet. My favorite is the sign in front of a home that reads, “My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns. Their house is not armed. Out of respect for their opinions, I promise not to use my guns to protect them.

I can go on and on, but I’ll simply close out this section of answers to your question with two words: Piers Morgan. Need I say more?

The question “How many believe that our government will eventually ban handguns?” is out there and was the topic of discussion in my living room. My dear friend Courtney stated that the government will never take our handguns away. Courtney, I wish I was as sure as you, but I’m not, and right now there are several hundred thousand Americans that are in my corner.

I took a ride over to my favorite gun shop and witnessed so many customers that, in order to be served, it was necessary to take a number like one does in the bakery. On the shelves there were loads of empty spaces where, just a short time ago, countless firearms were on display.

I visited my favorite Outdoor World and not only were there very few 22-mm and 9-mm pistols left, there was no ammo. Not a single 22 or 9 in the entire store. Only about six dozen boxes of .38s remained, and the customers were gobbling those up.

I am certain that, by the close of business that day, the .38s would be gone as well.

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net wondering if President Obama realizes that his executive orders just put another million guns in American homes.

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