Standing O has been very busy this week

Smile!: Sonia Valentin Fernandez receives a citation from state Sen. Marty Golden for the Women of Distinction award.


It’s three cheers for Sonia Valentin Fernandez. She’s the tops, she’s the cream of the crop. She’s also this year’s nominee for the State Senate 2012 Women of Distinction award. State Sen. Marty Golden presented our pal Sonia at an event held in the State Capital. Why not here? Who knows, go figure. Sonia is a busy gal — she is a member of Community Board 11, an appointee of the 62nd Police Precinct, a founder of the Friends of John H. Carty Park, president of the Benson Avenue Block Association, and just about the best supporter for every good cause that there is in the community. Sonia was nominated for the accolades by the Benson Avenue Block Association. Golden told standing O, “I was honored to welcome an extraordinary Brooklyn woman to Albany, to honor her as part of the State Senate’s Women of Distinction Program.” Hey, all the women in Brooklyn are extraordinary. The senator added, “I know that she will continue her work to improve and better the neighborhood.” Standing O seconds the motion.

Park Slope

Omnes grando alumni

Laudes, honors, and glory to St. Saviour HS seniors Dianisbeth Acqui and Guadalupe Terrones, sophomore Imani Greeves, and juniors Gabby Curasco, Hanna Loff, and Katherine O’Shea. The outstanding students have all achieved high marks and accolades for their achievements. Acqui is going to Harvard, with her grades it’s no surprise. Acqui won the distinction of earning a perfect score on the National Latin Exam two years running, a very near impossibility for your average teen, but not for our pal. Terrones has also sharpened her Latin by earning a perfect score on the first year National Latin exam. Greeves and Curasco will be attending Cooper Union Summer Research program, and Loff and Shea are going to participate in the Manhattan College Summer Program for women.

Jeeze Louise, with so many awards, Standing O is finding it hard just to keep track.

St. Saviour High School [588 Sixth St. between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West in Park Slope, (718) 768–4406].

Crown Heights

Snip, snip, hooray!

Borough President Markowitz has been one busy bee this past week. Along with Scot Medbury, president of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and a host of other hoi-polloi dignitaries, he snipped the ribbons at the grand opening of the new Visitor Center at the Garden. Now, everyone can enjoy the blossoms. Borough President Markowitz told standing O, “Now we can say, a ‘Building Grows in the Garden.’ ” What a mensch!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden [1000 Washington Ave. between Empire Boulevard and Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, (718) 623–7200].

Borough Wide

What, no pickles?

Standing O’s biggest fellow booster, Borough President Markowitz celebrated star and creator of a “Jew Grows in Brooklyn,” Jake Ehrenreich, with a sandwich naming at Carnegie Deli, in that other borough, Manhattan, as well as declaring May 17 as “A Jew Grows in Brooklyn Day.” The gastronomic delicacy is a whopping tower of corned beef, pastrami, turkey, lettuce, and Russian dressing on rye, topped with a broccoli flower. Oy, you should only know — the sandwich is so big it could feed all the hotels in the Catskills. But thankfully, if you can’t finish it off in one sitting you can always get the rest to go.

“A Jew Grows in Brooklyn” is in for the duration, or at least until August, at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Theater in Manhattan at 120 W. 46th Street. Standing O had the chance to go and see the show this past weekend. Let me tell you, A “Jew” is so good that Borough President Markowitz should give the production a permanent home at Borough Hall, or at least a special showing at his Seaside Summer concert series.

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