Standing O is back and cheering Brooklyn on!

Standing O is back and cheering Brooklyn on!

Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay is headed for one heck of a beauty makeover thanks to the generosity of Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz. Emmons Avenue from Ocean Avenue to E. 14th Street (the heart and soul of the neighborhood, if you ask us) will get new sidewalks, additional seating areas, trees, covered trash receptacles, and new curb cuts. And the railing near the bay will be ready for its close-up after it gets painted. Standing O pal Steve-O (D–Sheepshead Bay) provided funding for another part of the bay in 2008 and wants the whole stretch, from stem to stern, to shine. “I funded a project in 2008 on the east side and I want people to be able to enjoy the more tranquil west end of the bay as well,” he said.

Re-doing it is going to make it safe, as well as purty.

“This project not only removes dangerous sidewalk conditions for our seniors, but also makes Emmons Avenue from Ocean Avenue to the end of the bay more inviting to the public,” Cymbrowitz explained.

Construction on the project is expected to begin in the spring. Yep, nothing makes Standing O jump up and shout like infrastructure projects!

Marine Park

Dolls, dolls, and more dolls

To say that Linda Feller is a little obsessed with dolls is an understatement. The former librarian and present Toy Museum volunteer loves Brooklyn, books, and dolls. Standing O understands the Brooklyn part — and, of course, the books — but dolls? Well, Brooklyn’s Biggest Booster isn’t one to judge! Seems our baby doll buddy started her journey into the world of beautiful, inanimate objects (well, most, at least. Methinks “Baby Alive” used to eat and, well, you get the idea) in the country’s capital in 1962 when she purchased a sweet little colonial doll that she put in her china cabinet. And things took off from there.

“After I purchased my 10th doll, I took out the dishes and it became my first doll cabinet,” Linda told us.

Since her collection is so vast people always ask her where she finds all of them. Her answer is simple: everywhere.

“I found a Korean doll in a Vietnamese grocery store in Paris, France.”

Now Linda is as generous as she is doting to her dolls and plans on sharing her passion with a talk and exhibit to be held at the Kings Highway Branch of the library on Sept. 20 and 23.

Dolls and books in the same place? Guess Standing O will be cheering from the kids section!

Kings Highway Public Library [2115 Ocean Ave. at Avenue P in Marine Park, www.ilovemydolls.com].

Bay Ridge

Welcome, bienvenue

Say hello to Arijit Chakraborty, the new choir director at Bay Ridge United Church. The graduate of Connecticut University takes the reigns from Joshua Feltman, who is headed west to Calif-or-ni-ae to do all the great things they do over there! Arijit is a world traveler, having attended the Moscow Conservatory and is also a continuing student in music, currently attending the Brooklyn College Conservatory. Pastor Jane Donnelly is banking on the new blood to liven up the current choir.

“It is a wonderful gift to have Arijit leading the program in our church. I hope that his youthful enthusiasm will attract new members to the choir,” she told Standing O. Feltman presented the organ keys to Arijit this past May.

That’s music to our ears!

Standing O wishes Arijit good luck in the choir and to Joshua in his quest out west. We hear there’s gold in them thar hills!

Bay Ridge United Church [636 Bay Ridge Parkway between Sixth and Seventh avenues in Bay Ridge; (718) 836–4978].

Borough wide

What a smile

Tip your hats to little Tiffany Amira Degannes. The adorable 5 year old was selected as the state finalist in the National American Miss Pageant and won First Runner Up in the Miss Princess Photogenic Contest, held at the Brooklyn Marriott on Aug. 18. She’s sweet as pie, too. She also won the Spirit Award for showing Friendship and Sportsmanship during the entire event. Standing O says
“We see a sash, a crown, and lots of roses in Tiffany’s future.”

You go, girl!

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