Stan’s questions sometimes don’t have answers

We learned some time ago that a question can serve more than one purpose. Besides gathering information, a question can also be a shoulder shrugging statement. Any of the following can be used to stimulate conversation when it slows down to a halt at your next cocktail party:

• With his re-election bid facing a few problems will President Obama make some necessary changes? Will he replace Vice-President Biden with Gov. Cuomo as his running mate in the 2012 election? Will Biden replace Hillary? What will happen to Hillary?

• Why does Florida law require automobile passengers wear a seat belt, but permits motorcyclists to ride without wearing a helmet?

• Are you happy that the Donald didn’t throw his toupee into the ring? Were you unsure about him as a candidate, even though you liked his message?

• Whatever happened to that blue dress? Doesn’t it deserves a place in the Smithsonian?

• Hey Mr. Raisman, in these days when our government should be reducing spending, is it really necessary for the White House to employ 141 staffers that earn six figures a year? Did you know that 21 of them earn more than $170,000 a year, and that the 454 staffers there earn a combined total of $37,121,463?

• If you’re eating a bag of M&M’s, and you are down to your last one, is it an M?

• Should prayer be allowed in school? What about the silent kind before a test?

• Why do people who shop at health food stores look so skinny and sick?

• If you were the judge, how harsh a sentence would you hand Blagojevich? Wouldn’t you make an example of Gov. Blago, who was found guilty on 17 counts of corruption?

• When did the word “party” become a verb?

• Where would General Motors be without the United Auto Workers? Don’t know? Have you read the essay by George Reisman, professor emeritus of economics at Pepperdine University, about it?

• How do you feel about journalists who use unnamed sources? Do you think, like I sometimes do, that the writer is making up the facts?

• Who would you like to see replace Eliot Spitzer on CNN? Are they considering, oh, I don’t know, Anthony Weiner?

• Will there ever be justice for Caylee Anthony? Do you agree with the jury verdict? What do you think happened? If Casey didn’t kill the child, who did? If you believe the bubbe meise that Caylee drowned, then why put duct tape over her mouth and drive around with her remains in your trunk only to toss them away like garbage?

A man was standing outside the courthouse with a sign proposing marriage to Casey. Why not? In a very short time she will be wealthy. I am [email protected] saying, go ahead, marry her if she’ll have you, Just hold off on having children.