Stealing water from a baby!

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Pool uncool

That didn’t take long!

Less than two weeks after the city’s public pools opened for the season, a thief stole a wallet and $200 from a locker at the Red Hook Pool on Bay and Clinton streets — the first reported crime of the year.

The victim told cops he finished his dip at about 5 pm on July 10 and came back to find his locker broken and its contents missing.

Bloody shooting

A cold-blooded shooter is still at large after he shot and wounded three people on July 7 — two of whom are not expected to live.

Details are sketchy, but the victims told cops that the four were in the back yard a Mill Street apartment near Hamilton Avenue at about 1:10 am when the thug opened fire on them. The perp shot one 26-year-old man in the head, a 23-year-old man in the lower back, and grazed a 43-year-old woman’s leg with a third shot, then fled. The two men are not expected to survive their injuries.


A drunk skunk was arrested for driving under the influence and then restrained for kicking out a squad car window on Van Brunt Street on July 9.

Cops pulled up near the violent jerk, who was parked on the pier at the foot of the street, at about 4 pm, and say that the fool smelled like booze. Upon his arrest, he allegedly began “violently flailing his arms and legs,” the cops added.

Once officers got him inside the car, the hooligan smashed out their window, tacking on a few extra property damage charges to his record.

Pipe ’n’ mug

A brute wielding a pipe mugged a 61-year-old man on West Ninth Street on July 8.

The victim told cops that he was near the Smith Street F-train station at about 7:30 am when the jerk approached and demanded money. When the man refused, the ruffian smacked him in the face with a lead pipe, took some cash and fled.

Burg on Henry

Some hoodlum broke into a Henry Street apartment and stole cash and a purse on July 9.

The victim said that she returned to her home, which is between Kane and Degraw streets, at about 9 pm to find that her door and lock were busted open and that her purse, $60 and expensive headphones were missing.

Theft roundup

There were at least three incidents of random theft this week, as quick-handed thieves stole property when no one was looking:

• Someone stole a girl’s purse on July 6 while she attended summer school at PS 32 on Hoyt Street. The victim told cops that she was using the bathroom at the school, which is between Union and President streets, at about 3:30 pm when her the purse, diamond earrings and cash were taken.

• A thief snagged a laptop from an employee of Marius Café on Henry and Union streets on July 7. The employee told cops that he looked away for a second at about 5 pm, and when he turned back the laptop was missing.

• Some hooligan stole a 1994 Plymouth Vox from its parking spot on Henry Street on July 8. The victim parked the car near Nelson Street late on July 7, and when he returned at 10:30 am the next day it was gone.

— Andy Campbell

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