Step into the future of home technology

Step into the future of home technology

That futuristic utopia of your dreams?

It’s arrived.

Lead your home into the 21st Century with one phone call to DTV Installations LLC.

The company mounts flat-screen TVs, installs home theaters and home audio systems; sets up security cameras; and establishes a system that will allow you to turn on lights, turn up shades, and much more, all from on an app on your cellphone, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Just like George Jetson.

Imagine sunning on a Caribbean beach, accessing an app, and being able to lower the shades of your home. The neighbors might not even know you’re away. Or, perhaps you’re at work when the delivery person rings the doorbell at your house, package in hand. If you’ve installed a video intercom system, you can see that person at your front steps, and open the door remotely. Once the delivery is made, you can lock the door, all while sitting behind your office desk. That’s more than convenient. That’s life in the 21st century.

The final look is polished, elegant, and will last a lifetime.

As the name suggests, DTV Installations also sells and installs digital televisions and home theaters. The company carries brand names such as Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and many others; and it offers a one-year guarantee on everything that’s purchased and installed.

The workers who enter your home are factory-trained, and very professional, says DTV Installations’ owner John Lysy.

“We respect your house as if it’s our own.”

John understands how important this is because, like many of us, he had a disappointing incident with a company he had hired to work inside his own home. Those installers scratched the floor, and left dirty fingerprints on the walls.

John says there won’t be any horror stories when you hire DTV Installations. One of the reasons why he opened the business in 2007 was because he knew, “There was a great need for a professional company to do this type of work.” So he decided to create one.

Since then, the company has helped modernize countless homes in New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. If you haven’t gotten rid of your old television stand yet, what are you waiting for? If it’s because you don’t know how to go about mounting a huge set on your wall, Lysy says leave the job to them. DTV Installations mounts flat-screen televisions over fireplaces and on walled surfaces made of brick, concrete, plaster, brick, sheetrock, and more. Wires will be hidden as much as possible, so that the installation is neat, and your house remains beautiful. You don’t have to run around purchasing the supplies either. The company takes care of everything, including getting the television set for you.

Shawn Kimeridze and John Lysy and other DTV Installations employees are well-trained and very respectful of homes they work in.
Steve Solomonson

People are also discovering the excitement of having a personal home theater. Imagine entertaining friends, neighbors, and family members whenever a big game or special event is airing. DTV Installations can install home theaters so that an 120-inch screens drop down from ceilings. Or, these screens can be mounted on walls. The company takes care of everything, installing projectors, speakers, and providing a universal remote control. The system can be programmed, too, so that it can be controlled via a touch of your iPhone or iPad. We’ve come a long way from the cumbersome Zenith wobbling on top of a wheeled cart.

Yet another way to up-to-date your home is by installing a system that allows lighting and shades to be controlled from one central location. Light switches can also be replaced with dimmers, and if you are still using regular lightbulbs, these should be replaced with energy efficient ones that will save you money. When you invest in the shades and lighting system, the money you spend to do so will be returned to you in savings on your electric and heating bills, says John. There are more than 3,000 shade fabrics to choose from, and the pricing is comparable to what you’d find at big box stores, he says.

If it all sounds appealing, but you have no idea where to begin, let DTV Installations come to your home for a free initial consultation.

“Every house is unique,” says John, so let the experts determine the best way to get the job you want done. They will work with your budget and devise a plan.

The company has more than 200 positive reviews on Angie’s List and is Better Business Bureau accredited and state licensed.

DTV Installations LLC [2540 E. 26th street between Avenues Y and Z in Sheepshead Bay, (888) 428–3330, www.DTV-i‌nstal‌latio‌ns.com]. Showroom is open by appointment only. Call sevent days a week, 8 am–7 pm.