Stirring up a ‘hole’ lot of controversy

To the editor,

Why are we having all these people from “s——-” countries come here?

That was President Trump’s remark when referring to Haiti, African nations, and El Salvador, according to anti-Trump individuals present in the room during an immigration discussion. Admittedly, Mr. Trump could have used the more polite “cauldron of poop” countries, but it’s the thought that counts.

Soon after the President’s remark, “ye olde manure hit the GE” — polite term for the 1960s Bensonhurstese expression “The s— hit the fan.” Liberal pundits castigated the President; they did not say that the President’s meaning was wrong, only that usage of the noun was wrong.

As reported by the American media, even foreign publications translated “s——-” into their country’s language: “kusottare” (‘dripping with excrement’ — Japan), “fenkeng” (‘cesspit’ — China), “mataifa chafu” (‘dirty countries’ — Tanzania). A rose by any other name — get over it. Perhaps if DemoK—s (slang for Democrats) would not have rigged their primary election, the “crook in the colorful pants suits” (slang for Hillary) would not have run in the general election and Trump might not have been President.

Mr. Trump wants merit-based immigration, and if Democrats would not have passed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (Hart-Celler Act) that amended the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (McCarran-Walter Act), we would have merit-based immigration today. The President simply wants to rectify the 50-plus years of injustice to the American people.

Rupert Colville of the U.N. Human Rights Office called the comment “racist.” On what basis, Mr. Colville? The remark has nothing to do with race. The noun only refers to the condition of living in squalor. Sen. Durbin (D-Ill.) called the remark “hate-filled.” There is no hate, Senator, the President simply stated a fact with a crude term, but no matter how crude, it is a fact. Sen. “I-served-in-Vietnam-then-misspoke” Blumenthal (D-Ct.) had a comment, but since we don’t know whether or not the senator “misspoke” again, there is no point in mentioning it.

Senegal’s president, Macky Sall, demands “respect and consideration.” You earn respect, not demand it. As far as “consideration” is concerned, countries and organizations have contributed hundreds of billions of dollars to African nations in addition to medical supplies, guidance on farming, managing schools, maintaining hospitals and establishing democracies — in other words… becoming civilized. So why aren’t these nations civilized? Why are they “cauldrons of poop?” Because their leaders are corrupt; it has nothing to do with the people.

Consider that Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe used donations to shop at Harrods. Zaire’s Motubu Sase Seko put most of the donations in his personal Swiss bank account. Donations to Tanzania over a 20-year period actually shrank the country’s economy. Ask President Julius Nyerere what happened to the money.

Haiti experiences water supply and sanitation problems — basic necessities. Interestingly, Haiti advertises “wonderful tourist facilities” (with the limited area for tourism guarded by armed military personnel). Have fun! Send me a postcard!

The positive aspect of El Salvador is their soccer program; its national team qualified for the World Cup twice. That’s it. The rest is a mishmash of the above.

Why do many individuals from these countries risk life and limb to come to the United States? The President has already answered that.

President Trump is not the politically correct politician that Americans are accustomed to. He is a “cafone” (Sicilian slang for “slob”). Remember that the smooth-talking politicians have ruined our country to the extent that fed-up Americans wanted a change and even elected a “cafone” because he promised to govern with “America First” in mind.

If Democrats continue to dilute our country’s culture, don’t be surprised if in the future, another country’s president will call the United States “a cauldron of poop.”

Elio Valenti


Bill didn’t wanna

To the editor,

Well done, Mayor DeBlasio!

Looks as though our communist-socialist mayor, DeBlasio, chickened out on an important meeting between the mayors of major American cities and president Trump. The conversation centered on critical infrastructure and funding issues plaguing cities and towns all over the country.

Before the meeting, Mr. Trump legally informed law enforcement in so-called sanctuary cities, New York City included, to continue the crack down on illegal aliens.

For the wants of a handful of illegal immigrants, our dear mayor has once again shown his true colors, turning his back on the millions of New York Cityt residents. We are living with an infrastructure from streets to trains, crumbling beneath our feet. By not attending these meetings and shunning billions of dollars of funding is a crying shame. I do guess that we deserve it though, as we again rewarded his actions by voting him in for yet another long four-year stint. Shame on you!

Robert W. Lobenstein

Marine Park

Choosing neither

To the editor,

I read with interest the op-ed by Bob Capano regarding Congressional District 11 and the two candidates running, current Congressman Dan Donovan and former Congressman Michael Grimm.

Regarding Michael Grimm, I would never consider voting for him because of the way he handled his resignation from Congress and left his voters high and dry. I’m sure Mr. Grimm did not wake up two weeks after winning reelection and decided to plead guilty to the federal charges and resign his seat in Congress. I know I wouldn’t have done that. Besides, Mr Grimm had been in Congress for four years, and in order to be eligible for a federal pension you have to serve five years. Therefore, all Mr. Grimm would have to do is stay in Congress one more year and he’d be eligible for a full pension at taxpayers’ expense. I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with that.

As for Congressman Donovan, in the past he was “afraid” of holding town halls with the voters in the district because he was “afraid” of them. He finally got his courage up and had two or three “town halls” regarding the ACA, and guess what? He was not attacked.

There are many other reasons why I feel neither men should be representing the voters of Congressional District 11 and I know that no matter which one wins the primary, I will not be voting for either of them in the general election.Rosalie Caliendo


Where’s the blotter?

To the editor,

I would like to know what happened to the Police Blotter of the 60th Precinct.

I noticed that they have not reported any crime [in the Bay News] for quite a while. I know there is crime in the Brighton Beach and Coney Island areas, since it has been reported on TV and in the newspapers.

What are they afraid of? I think the residents of these neighborhoods have the right to know of any crime in their neighborhood, and it would help to keep them safe. I think the residents have to pressure the 60th Precinct to report any criminal activity in the Bay News. We have a right to know.Elaine Berger

Coney Island

Common ground?

To the editor,

When it comes to trusting the media, Mayor Bill DeBlasio and President Donald Trump may have more in common than people think. Mayor DeBlasio was recently interviewed by Lori Stokes and Rosanna Scotto on Good Day New York. Listen to his responses to questions raised concerning his poor relationship with Gov. Andrew Cuomo or why he doesn’t hold New York City Housing Authority Commissioner Shola Olatoye responsible for ongoing scandals and fire her? Mayor DeBlasio’s responses ranged from “don’t always trust what you read in the New York Times or hear in the media,” and “that reporter has an ax to grind.” New York City Council member 2002-2008 or Public Advocate 2009-2013 DeBlasio would never let any commissioner under Mayor Bloomberg continue to hold their job in similiar circumstances. Does NYCHA Commissioner Olatoye have something on DeBlasio or a powerful political sponsor with strong ties to City Hall protecting her job? Too bad Mayor DeBlasio canceled his meeting with President Trump to discuss Big Apple infrastructure needs. Perhaps DeBlasio could have built a bridge with Trump sharing their mutual disdain for fake media?Larry Penner

Great Neck

Be more sensitive

To the editor,

I am a 68-year-old male. I am a supporter of the #MeToo movement, but I was greatly offended by use of the phrase “No Country For Old Men.” I realize this is a reference to the movie of that name but does anyone using that phrase (including your front page editor) realize the negative impact this could have on men of a certain age? I am a proponent of diversity.This is one of the things that makes this city great. People who are out there protesting for a good cause should be a bit more careful about their choice of rhetoric.


Park Slope