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Stolen card is a ticket to ride

This thief loves public transportation.

A 33-year-old man received a call at his Fourth Avenue apartment about suspicious activity on his credit card on July 23.

By the time the card was cancelled, the perp had already purchased $759 worth of Metrocards, cops say.

Mister manners

Cost of armed robbery: $6. Avoiding a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles: priceless.

A 20-year-old woman walking on 72nd Street was robbed by a man with a knife on July 25.

The daylight heist went down at 3:20 pm, while the victim was walking near Third Avenue. A man came up from behind brandishing a knife and demanding: “Give me all your money,” cops say.

The woman promptly handed the thug her wallet, but instead of running with the loot, the perp politely took the cash out, a meager $6, and then returned the wallet, which contained all her identification and credit cards.

Picture that

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the camera is even costlier.

A 47-year-old woman’s 78th Street apartment was looted of jewelry and fancy camera equipment on July 26.

The woman left her apartment earlier in the day, only to return at 7 pm to discover her door busted open and her apartment looted, cops say.

The burglar made off with $10,000 worth of jewelry, and two expensive cameras, with a combined value of $3,466.

Gold rush

Wassup! Now give me your gold.

A man was robbed by an acquaintance on July 23.

The heist went down at around 5 pm, when the 28-year-old victim was walking on Fort Hamilton Parkway near 72nd Street. The victim told cops that a friend of his ran over, swiped his $350 gold chain off his neck and then ran away.

Curb crashers

A young woman sitting on a curb was harassed by a gang of young men, who finally left her alone, but not before taking her purse on July 28.

The victim was on Fifth Avenue near 84th Street when the gang approached. The woman told cops the purse was sitting next to her when the men began an unwanted conversation at around 12:20 am.

The men made off with $50, and a digital camera, valued at $200.

Car break-in

A man’s laptop and other electronic equipment were stolen out of his Toyota overnight on July 23, cops said.

The 35-year-old victim said he’d parked the 1994 Toyota on 79th Street near Fourth Avenue at night, and returned the next morning to find his rear passenger window smashed and his laptop and digital camera missing.

Bike swipe

An 80th Street homeowner had her prized mountain bikes stolen right out of her hallway on July 21.

The 41-year-old left her home, which is near 20th Avenue, at around 2 pm. When she returned, she found thugs had broken in and swiped two Cannondale bicycles, police said.

The burglars were satisfied with their heist and didn’t even venture into the home.

Club robber

A club-hopper had her purse snatched at an 86th Street night spot on July 21.

The 33-year-old entered the club, which is near 20th Avenue, at around 6 pm. Before long, the dancing and the drinking mixed well for a perfect opportunity for a thief, who sneaked in and snatched her pocketbook when she wasn’t looking.

The perp fled the club with the bag, which had $300 and credit and debit cards, police said.

Late night mug

An 18-year-old riding his bike home was attacked and robbed by four thugs on July 19.

The teenager was riding on 23rd Avenue near 83rd Street at around 1 am, when the fearsome foursome approached. They forced him off the bike, and without any warning proceeded to hold and punch him.

Through the barrage of punches, the thugs managed to take $400 from his front pocket and fled in an unknown vehicle, police said.

Bandits hit area stores

Thieves successfully broke into a local drug store after ripping off the back door, but a quick response by police busted up the July 23 heist before the thugs could make off with any loot.

The bandits allegedly removed the door and cut power to the alarm of the Third Avenue drug store, which is near 69th Street. Cops responded only minutes after the 2 am break-in, scaring the thieves away. An employee reported that nothing was stolen from the store.

Skin stealer

A pimple-popping punk was caught stealing $251.43 worth of skin products from an 18th Avenue pharmacy on July 20, police said.

The thug entered the drug store, which is near 65th Street, and headed right for the skin-care aisle. Just before 1 pm, he started packing away the stolen goods, but a store security guard stopped him when he tried to flee. The guard held the thief until police showed up.

The products were returned to the pharmacy.

Grocery grab

An 86th Street bodega was robbed of cash and electronics a half hour after it closed July 20.

The alarm at the store, which is near Bay 28th Street, went off around 8:15 pm, sending police rushing to the scene of the break-in. But the fuzz got there too late, as thugs had already managed to take $600 and the owner’s computer, police said.

Fortunately, the store has a surveillance camera, which will help in the investigation.

Store swipe

A New Utrecht Avenue convenience store was robbed overnight on July 18, losing its register and front door.

Thugs broke into the store, which is near 67th Street, at around 3 am by smashing in the front door. A bystander flagged down a cop, but it was too late. The duo had already left with the cash register.

Fortunately for the owner, only $60 was in the register.

Mamma mia!

An 86th Street pizzeria chain was burglarized overnight on July 23 after a thief broke in through a wall and swiped the cash from the register.

The burglar broke into the pizzeria, which is near Bay 13th Street, at around 2 am, hammering through a side hallway and tearing through the sheet rock with a crowbar. Once inside, he stole $570 from the cash register, and left through the same hole, police said.

Toy store thief

A 23-year-old mother had her purse stolen after leaving it unattended on her baby stroller inside a Bay Parkway toy store on July 17.

The swipe occurred at around 9 pm, within the store, which is near Cropsey Avenue. The thief lifted the pocketbook and fled before the mother even knew what happened.

The thief made off with her purse, which contained her cellphone, credit and debit cards, police said.

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