Strippers and tigers and risotto, oh my!

Strippers and tigers and risotto, oh my!
Photo by Tom Callan

Brooklynites will no longer have to choose between their adult entertainment and their pasta puttanesca.

Jaguars 3, a nightclub-cum-bikini bar-cum-Italian restaurant, is setting up shop on 47th Street between Second and Third avenues in Sunset Park, in the 20,000-square-foot space formerly occupied by Platinum Café and Billiards.

Expected to open in early April, the club boasts an expansive outdoor area, a cabaret, and a full-service restaurant on a raised platform, surrounded by a dance floor and bar.

Owner Vincent Faraci looks forward to bringing some Sin City-style razzle-dazzle to the mostly industrial stretch of Sunset Park.

Faraci ran a gentleman’s club called Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas for 21 years. After returning home last February to care for his sick father, he couldn’t help noticing a lack of after-hours entertainment in the area.

“Brooklyn was a real nightlife hotspot when I was a kid. Now there’s nothing to do after you get dinner or drinks,” said Faraci. “I figured Brooklyn needed something fun and affordable.”

In Faraci’s world, “fun” means the ability to sip Appletinis, slurp spaghetti and stuff dollar bills where the sun don’t shine all in the same night, in a multi-level warehouse decorated with palm trees, exotic animals and birds of paradise.

“I like when the theme matches the name,” said Faraci. “Since I went with Jaguars, I had to have a jungle theme.”

Our interest is officially piqued.

Jaguars 3 (225 47th St. between Second and Third avenues in Sunset Park, no phone).