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Suspect bashes head in cop car during Brooklyn Heights arrest

Banged up: A Brooklyn Heights man bashed his head against the partition inside a cop car while officers tried to arrest him on Remsen Street on July 17.
Photo by Kevin Duggan

Cops arrested a robbery suspect in Brooklyn Heights on Wednesday, only to then transfer him to an ambulance after the man beat his own head against the inside of a squad car.

Officers with the 84th Police Precinct approached the man on Remsen Street near Clinton Street at 3 p.m. claiming he matched the description of a robbery suspect, but the man refused to cooperate after they demanded he accompany them back to the station, according to a witness at the scene.

“They told him they are going to take him in for questioning and the guy got a little wild, saying, ‘I didn’t do nothing,’” said the witness, who refused to give his name, but claimed he was on a bench beside the suspect when police approached him.

Cops cuffed the man and had stuffed him into nearby squad car, where he started bashing his head against a partition separating the front and back seats, according to the witness.

“I saw the blood and I was like ‘Oh my god,’” the man said. “He banged himself against the back of the partition a couple of times real hard.”

Police called an ambulance following their suspect’s self-destructive outburst, and the man continued pleading his innocence while waiting for paramedics to arrive, according to another onlooker.

“He was yelling, he was like, ‘it wasn’t me’ or, ‘I didn’t do it,’” said Gio, a medical student who watched the events unfold from her classroom window above the street.

As police and paramedics forced the man onto a stretcher, he accused the cops of targeting him along racial lines.

“This is how you do minorities,” he screamed from inside the ambulance.

Gio and the other witness said that the man was a patient at the rehab clinic for drugs and alcohol on the second floor of the building of her school, but a doorman for the building declined confirm the man’s identity.

A spokesman for the Police Department could not immediately provide any information on the incident.

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Police arrested the man because he matched the description in connection with a roberry case, according to one onlooker.
Photo by Kevin Duggan

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