Swastikas pop up in Midwood

Swastikas pop up in Midwood

There’s a swastika blitz going on in Midwood, not that anyone noticed.

As Passover, one of the most cherished holidays on the Jewish calendar, loomed in the distance, two of the historically hate-mongering symbols were found drawn in chalk on wooden utility poles on Elm Avenue between East 13th and East 14th streets on March 25.

Their appearance, however, didn’t seem to raise any alarm bells in the community: no one reported their sudden appearance to authorities, according to cops at the 70th Precinct.

What did get the cops’ attention was a swastika, the words “Hitler was here” and other disparaging comments toward Jews found littered on the floor a few blocks away at Kolbert Park basketball court near the corner of Avenue L and East 17th Street.

“We were told about the one that was left on the floor of the basketball court,” Inspector Ralph Monteforte, the commanding officer of the 70th Precinct told this paper. “We had the bias unit down yesterday afternoon. We’re taking it very seriously.”

Monteforte confirmed Friday that no one reported the swastikas on the light poles, something that stunned Rabbi Alvin Kass of the nearby East Midwood Jewish Center.

“This is a matter of deep concern for me,” he said. “I’d like to know who’s responsible and make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

Kass, who is also an NYPD chaplain, said he wasn’t told about the swastikas until this paper called him about it.

“Something potentially inciteful like this should always be reported, no matter how insignificant some may think it is.”

“This could be just the beginning,” he added.

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