Sweat victory: Lover of ‘hot yoga’ achieves 1,000-day Bikram streak

Sweat victory: Lover of ‘hot yoga’ achieves 1,000-day Bikram streak
Photo by Bryan Bruchman

An unbelievably positive and fiercely devoted Park Slope yoga student has overcome a serious physical disability to finish a jaw-dropping marathon of hot yoga — and he’s just getting warmed up.

Solitaire Macfoy, who suffers from an arthritic condition prompted by a motorcycle accident decades ago, achieved his goal of practicing 1,000 consecutive days of Bikram yoga, an intensely physical, sauna-hot exercise that’s hard to do for even 1,000 seconds.

“He’s incredible: he comes in with a certain level of pain — but it’s mind over matter with him,” said Havi Asch, his teacher at Bikram Yoga Park Slope.

His tireless dedication and upbeat energy in class has inspired longtime meditation masters and sweaty newbies alike, Asch said. (Full disclosure: this whimpy reporter belongs to the studio and has completed only three consecutive days of Bikram yoga — and barely lived to keep reporting)

Macfoy — who walks with a cane and perpetually sports a huge smile — said mental strength helps him overcome soreness and return to the practice, which has yielded stunning results on his body and mind.

“I’ve seen unspeakable levels of expansion in my psychology, my physical being, and spiritual side,” he said.

Since the 57-year-old started his Bikram streak, he has stopped taking medicine or practicing physical therapy for his fused knee, which has ailed him since the motorcycle crash.

Now, he said, plenty of hot yoga is all he needs.

“It makes me feel good — and value life every day,” said Macfoy, who for now plans to keep the streak alive.

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