Swedish band wants to get physical

Swedish band wants to get physical

Talk about up close and personal.

The hot Swedish indie rock band, Peter Bjorn and John, has one request for its fans at next Monday’s show at Brooklyn Bowl: storm the stage!

The big time, 1960s-pop–influenced band has played the big shows like Lollapalooza and Coachella, but on this tour, the trio wanted to be closer to its rabid fans.

And we mean really close.

“I hope from playing at a small venue that the people will feel closer to us and join us on stage,” said John Eriksson, the band’s singing drummer. “It happens too seldom. Please do it.”

Fans won’t need much prompting, given that PB&J — as the band is known — plays an infectious brand of power pop, from its seminal 2006 hit single, “Young Folks” (the whistling song, remember?) to this year’s LP, “Gimme Some.”

The small-venue approach is a conscious change of pace, Eriksson said.

“We’re going to venues smaller than we should be playing,” he said. “We want to be closer to the audience at seven small venues instead of just one big show.”

And there’ll be a great meal afterwards. The trio’s tour is called “All You Can Eat” for a reason: in conjunction with food blog Eater, the band will give away free meals at secret food trucks at the venue.

The location of the truck — and the secret password — is delivered before the show via twitter.

Kids today.

Peter Bjorn and John at Brooklyn Bowl [61 Wythe Ave. between N. 11th and N. 12th streets in Williamsburg, (718) 963-3369], Sept. 12, 9 pm. Tickets, $15-$17. For info, visit www.brooklynbowl.com.