Sweet success! Clinton Hill Girl Scout is borough’s top cookie seller

Sweet success! Clinton Hill Girl Scout is borough’s top cookie seller
Mission accomplished: Amira Williams sold 1,514 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, taking the title of Brooklyn’s top seller.
Photo by Caleb Caldwell

She is one smart cookie!

An 8-year-old Clinton Hill Girl Scout sold a sweet 1,514 boxes of the organization’s beloved baked goods this year, making her the borough’s top saleswoman, reps from Girl Scouts of Greater New York said.

“It taught me how to get better at advertising, and counting money,” said Amira Williams of Troop 2537. “And it makes people happy because sometimes they can’t find the cookies anywhere.”

The ever-popular Thin Mints and the caramel-chocolate-coconut Samoas accounted for half of Williams’s sales, which she said she made the old-fashioned way — by putting up fliers in various neighborhoods — and by tapping new technology like Square, an app that allowed her non-cash-carrying customers to pay for their cookies with credit cards.

The tot with a mind for hawking tasty treats also printed personalized business cards that displayed prices — which range from four to five dollars a box — and buying instructions for clients, a tactic that set her apart from her fellow scouts, according to her father.

“A lot of people were impressed with her,” said Marq Williams. “She is so young, yet so organized and basically able to understand how to run a small business.”

The budding businesswoman bested a batch of 2,815 borough scouts to earn the title of top seller this season, which was the 100th anniversary of the organization’s cookie-sales program.

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