Take a chance on a ‘Randwich’

Take a chance on a ‘Randwich’

Two music business expats-turned-amateur chefs have created the ultimate cure for lunchtime doldrums: homemade mystery sub sandwiches, delivered right to your door.

Jeff Stockton and Jenn de la Vega bring you “Randwiches,” a random sandwich service that’s taking orders beginning Feb. 3, and unleashing zesty bombshells of roast beef, chicken adobo, jalapeno mustard, pecorino, Mofongo, mashed plantains with garlic and pork rinds — or whatever else they feel like making on that particular day.

“The anticipation is not unlike that of the holiday season or birthdays,” said sandwich construction artist and Randwiches mastermind Jenn de la Vega. “You know you’re going to get something but you don’t know what — and the combinations may be something you never thought of.”

De la Vega and Stockton, her roomie in Bedford-Stuyvesant, began crafting their punch-packed lunches in October after initially delivering to friends, just for fun.

They honed their skills at barbecue cook-offs and last fall’s Brooklyn Bacon Takedown, winning the “People’s Choice” award for their curry bacon nachos.

Randwich ingredients change each week, and the team often morphs brave new flavor combinations that won’t be replicated, though they hope to build a permanent menu soon, based on the reviews their customers give each sandwich, via online survey.

Some known Randwiches include the Bresaola with broccoli rabe, Alfredo sauce and garlic cheese; and the seven-hour pulled pork with pickled onions, Mahon, cream cheese and arugula.

Hungry souls must order online at least two days ahead of time, pay through PayPal or Venmo, and specify any allergies or dietary preferences. The chefs will then hand deliver their delicacies — with an ingredients list scrawled on the paper bag — to any location that’s accessible by subway.

If foodies can’t pay, Randwiches is willing to barter for ingredients or services, and they won’t take tips but will gladly accept acolytes on Twitter, or word-of-mouth recommendations. And it must be working, because these breadwinners have an 85 sandwich backlog.

“It’s a great opportunity to take a gamble,” Stockton said. “You get tired of the restaurants near your work very quickly. Here’s an open-ended lunch where you never know what you’ll get.”

To order a Randwich, visit http://randwich.es or e-mail [email protected]

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