‘Take Ed Greenspan off your letters page!’

To the editor,

Please give letter writer Ed Greenspan a weekly job as an editorial assistant with his own column.

Pay him if you must, or maybe he would work for free.

He manages to take up at least two columns on the “Letters to the Editor” page each week with his own personal interests.

An obituary for a friend and colleague, and a letter about his building going co-op were just two of his recent writings.

Bertha Husband

Sheepshead Bay

• • •

To the editor,

Ed Greenspan wrote a great letter [“Defiant Kids,” Aug. 23], but he’s banging his head against the wall.

Ed, discipline and respect broke down years ago.


So-called celebrities’ outrageous behavior, and teachers working in T-shirts and dungarees.

In 1968, we teachers walked the streets for eight weeks to fight community control.

The United Federation of Teachers lost the battle, but won the war.

How? Politicians, nepotism, and wasteful practices ruined the school system.

Here’s my advice for the future.

Bring back the discipline for teachers and students, and screen teacher applicants more strictly.

Ugo M. Rosiello

Mill Island

And now, Ed’s letter

To the editor,

I just heard on the radio that it will be harder to suspend New York City students this coming school year. Who passed this nonsense? Have our legislators ever taught in a New York City school? Is it any wonder why our schools are in the shape they’re in?

Where are the United Federation of Teachers, and Council of Supervisors and Administrators regarding this matter? Teachers know that you cannot instruct without discipline. Instead of being concerned with huge class sizes and the complete lack of discipline, the union used the summer to run around and organize the re-election of the president.

Why do 70 percent of new teachers leave within the first five years of their employment? It’s the abysmal working conditions that drive them out. Instead of demanding the restoration of the 600 schools for the unruly, the union totally capitulates.

I smell the child advocacy groups behind this ruling. They have continually thwarted attempts by administrators and teachers to discipline unruly children. Disruptive children have rights, but students who come to school and want to learn have no rights, and have to put up with the unruly.

With rulings such as this our school system is heading directly below sea level.

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

Dog lovers beware

To the editor,

Recently there was a news item on the radio about a woman who tied her dog up outside a store for just a minute while she went in to buy some dog food.

The dog was a female pit bull which had been rescued from a dog-fighting ring, where it was used to breed more dogs. When the woman came out of the store, the dog was gone. It was also reported that someone was seen walking away with the dog.

Dog owners, please do not leave your dog tied up alone while you go shopping. It only takes a minute for someone to steal your pooch. If someone attempts to do so, or even just tries to pet the dog and gets bitten, you could get sued if they claim the dog attacked them. Animal control could take the dog away and kill it.

A dog left alone in a car can also be stolen. A lady I once knew told me her husband had left their Maltese in the car for just a few minutes while he went into a post office.

When he returned to the car, the dog was gone. Despite all their efforts they were never able to locate their pet or have it returned to them.

Dogs have also been stolen right out of people’s fenced-in yards. In fact, some time ago, I read a news item in which some people removed a dog from its yard, took it some distance away and gouged out its eyes with a pencil, then left it there.

Somehow the poor dog made its way home. The dog was treated for its wounds but was blind for the rest of its life.

Please, do not leave your dogs alone outside anywhere. Safeguard your canine companions.

Sarah Vogel

Sea Gate

Bring our troops home!

To the editor,

Lance Corporal Gregory T. Buckley, a United States Marine from Oceanside, formerly of Brooklyn, was shot and killed while unarmed in Afghanistan.

We want our troops returned now. Anyone familiar with Afghanistan history knows that this forsaken land has experienced tribal wars going back at least 800 years. America and its allies are now being killed and maimed for very weak reasoning.

The presidential candidate who puts forth this view will be the next president of the United States of America.

Theodore Buckley


Shedding light

To the editor,

Perhaps they can rig the traffic light for Sabbath hours (“Manhattan Beach Button Blues,” Aug. 30)? I know in many nursing homes, they have an elevator button which is turned on during the Sabbath, thereby, stopping at every floor during the observance.

Perhaps the traffic light can be programmed to do this on Friday at dusk, and all day Saturday until evening.

That would surely solve the problem — and it would not be during the week.

Rita Nanes

Sheepshead Bay

Politics 101

To the editor,

The political bug manifests itself in many different shapes and forms, and few people feel smug once they have been bitten by the political bug.

It can be a call for many needed reforms in society, as well as creating much corruption and much disruption will follow.

Whether right or wrong, people who get bit by the political bug have much to gain, and even if they lose an election, they can still feel sustained.

Most people in public life have to go through much strife. Sad to say, those who get stung by the political bug — even if they are right — can become very weak. And those who are wrong can emerge very strong, as well as having a fruitful and prosperous life.

Those who are right and fail have little to reflect, except to help them keep their self-respect intact — and that’s a fact.

Elliott Abosh

Brighton Beach


To the editor,

How refreshing that unlike narrow-minded yuppie Park Slope residents who prevented Hooters from opening up a branch at the Barclays Arena, truly open-minded residents of Coney Island offer tolerance and choice (“Will Coney Give A Hoot?” Aug. 24).

Visitors to Coney’s beaches, amusement park, baseball stadium, and other attractions will always be looking for different places to eat. After a long grueling day at work, Al Bundy — just like many other hard-working New Yorkers — should be able to enjoy a hamburger, fries, and brew served by an attractive waitress at this local Hooters.

Al can see far more cleavage on a hot summer day by just walking around our streets and parks than at Hooters.

Hooters provides gainful employment to construction contractors and their employees. The owners of your local Hooters pay taxes like the rest of us. They also provide gainful employment to cooks, bartenders, and waitresses — along with those who deliver beverage and food supplies. Many are actually students working their way through college, or one of the 10 percent of fellow New Yorkers currently out of work, or seven percent who have just given up looking.

All are neighbors, who also pay taxes and are just trying to earn a living. Many customers are also neighbors patronizing the establishment on a voluntary basis.

Too many so-called progressive liberal communities, such as Park Slope, have thrown their lot in with the so-called moral majority social police and politically extreme reactionary conservatives who attempt to use government rules and regulations to impose their own moral values on others.

For those who don’t like Hooters, please feel free to patronize one of the many other overpriced, trendy, or yuppie establishments.

You are welcome to pay more for a far less satisfying meal. This is the basic nature of free enterprise.

Larry Penner

Great Neck, N.Y.

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