Talk about a rim job? Man scammed in car parts flim-flam

94th Precinct


Crooked client

A thief brutally mugged a man after tricking him into meeting him on Jackson Street to buy some auto parts from him on Dec. 3.

The victim met the perp between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street at around 11:45 pm, intending to sell him car rims and headlights. But the “client” had a different idea, throwing the victim to the ground, snagging a $1,000 from the man’s back pocket.

He also drove off with the auto parts and some phone cards, cops said.

Purse punked

Some punk snatched a woman’s purse at Manhattan and Meeker avenues on Nov. 29.

The victim was on the corner at 9:30 am when the thief came from behind and shoved her, before snatching the woman’s purse, which contained her wallet, eyeglasses, and cash.

Un-friendly warning

Three thugs brutally beat a man and snagged his iPhone at the Metropolitan Avenue G train on Dec. 3.

The victim, 17, had just left Automotive HS and was entering the subway station and Lorimer Street at 4:30 pm when one of the perps approached and put an arm around the victim’s shoulder.

“They’re trying to rob you,” the punk sneered, before he and two other brutes attacked, punching the victim in the face and kicking him.

One of the thugs then took the victim’s smartphone.

What a drag

A thief stole a woman’s pocketbook on N. Henry Street on Dec. 4.

The woman was between Driggs and Engert avenues at around 2:50 pm when the perp grabbed her purse and dragged her across the sidewalk.

The thug finally wrestled the satchel free and fled with credit cards, cash, a cellphone and keys.


A thief stole a man’s iPhone inside the L-train station at N. Seventh Street on Nov. 28.

The victim said he was exiting the station at Bedford Avenue at 7:30 pm when the punk snagged the man’s phone. The victim pursued, but the thief outran him.

Delivery drag

A robber broke into a man’s delivery truck and stole cash on Manhattan Avenue on Nov. 30.

The trucker had parked between Norman and Nassau avenues to make a delivery at 12:55 pm — but when he returned 15 minutes later, he discovered that a thief had broken a lock and stolen a cash-filled wooden box from between the front seats.

— Colin Mixson