Tassel building

Twirl it: Andrea Plaid, also known by her burlesque name A. Duskie Magdalene, will teach women how to make and wear pasties at the Colored Girls Hustle Self-Love party.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

Pamper yourself with some pasties.

Women looking for an afternoon of self-love can attend a tassels- and pasties-making party, where they will get all the craft materials they need to design their own nipple adornments, as well as unlimited mimosas and the company of a crowd of women who dream of dancing burlesque.

There will also be a raffle for a vibrator.

“This is a fun, body-affirming, safe space to work on a creative project,” said Taja Lindley, founder of the arts and empowerment group Colored Girls Hustle, which is throwing the event.

“[Our] work is to inspire girls, especially girls of color, to be creative,” Lindley said. “I feel like it’s vital for our humanity.”

Andrea Plaid, also known as the burlesque performer A. Duskie Magdalene, will teach women how to craft their own tassels as well as how to wear them — helping them find the right fit so they can dance comfortably.

“Pasties are fascinators for your chest, and you can make them as frilly as you want and fit them to any size,” said Plaid. “Many women complain that they can’t find store-bought pasties that fit over their areolas.”

The process for making pasties is fairly easy, according to Plaid. First, you form mesh and buckram into a cone and then attach a combination of rhinestone, feathers, or glitter, and other adornments. Then you use adhesive to attach them to your nipples.

This is the second annual tassel-making workshop Colored Girls Hustle has hosted — but unlike the first one, which was in Lindley’s home, this session is at the slightly more public Museum of Women’s Resistance, potentially altering the dynamic.

“Last time, it was held in my house, so it was much smaller and more intimate,” said Lindley. “Everyone was comfortable, so we all got topless and practiced.”

Lindley is hoping to make host the tassle-making workshops at least quarterly.

“You can be creative in any way that you want,” said Lindley. “It can be about using your hands, or becoming a performer and getting into your body.”

Self-Love Party at the Museum of Women’s Resistance [279 Empire Blvd. between Rogers and Nostrand avenues in Crown Heights, (347) 533–9102, www.coloredgirlshustle.com]. Feb. 24, at noon.

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