Tazmanian devil hits East Flatbush

Home wrecker

A one-man wrecking machine was arrested on Dec. 26 after he broke into a Rockaway Parkway home — then proceeded to tear it apart.

The homeowner told police that the 32-year-old thief kicked in the door to the address, which is between Rutland Road and Winthrop Street, snapping the locks.

Once inside, the thief threatened the homeowner, telling her not to move. He then went wild, damaging a flat-screen television set, a toaster, a microwave, the refrigerator, a mirror, dresser and the headboard to the victim’s bed.

Cops caught up with the thief a short time later, charging him with burglary and criminal mischief.

Till taker

A 44-year-old thief was arrested on Dec. 30 after he was caught reaching into the till of an 18th Avenue store.

Workers told police that the thief was caught on a surveillance camera as hereached across the counter of the store, which is between Seaton Place and McDonald Avenue, at noon and palmed a wad of cash.

Yet he was never able to spend his new riches — cops nabbed him shortly after the theft.


A 43-year-old man was arrested for assault following a scalding New Year’s Day confrontation on Newkirk Avenue.

His victim told police that the suspect burned him with a cigarette, slashed him with a razor and bit his hand during the 5 pm attack between Bedford Avenue and E. 25th Street.

Gate goons

Two men were nabbed after they tried to break into a Remsen Avenue home on Jan. 3.

Police said that the thieves struck a metal door to a gate surrounding the property, which is between Church Avenue and Avenue A, at 2:14 am.

They then tried to force open the back door, damaging the locks.

But the thieves never succeeded in getting inside — cops arrested them a short time later, at which point they found bolt cutters, a hammer and a screwdriver — the tools of the burglar’s trade — inside one of their backpacks.

Broom bruiser

Talk about being swept away by emotion! A 28-year-old attacked a female friend with a broom during an argument inside his E. 22nd Street apartment on Dec. 29.

The two were arguing inside the address, which is between Newkirk and Foster avenues, at 10:27 pm when the thug grabbed the broom and tried to brain the woman with it, cops were told.

Beaten for backpack

Three thugs jumped a 47-year-old man on E. 54th Street on Dec. 16, robbing him of a backpack full of gift cards.

The victim was nearing Avenue I at 6:05 pm when the thieves grabbed him from behind and began punching him.

After landing a few blows, the thieves scooped up the 47-year-old’s bag and ran off, the victim told police.

Cell swipes

Thieves raided a Flatbush Avenue Sprint cellphone store on Dec. 14, taking $3,000 and, of course, a few cellphones.

Workers said the thieves came in at noon, pulled a gun, and ordered them to the back of the store, which is between Church and Snyder avenues.

After tying the employees’ hands behind their backs, the thieves pulled plastic bags from their jackets and emptied the display cases. They also took the day’s deposits, employees told police.

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