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Teen cell hell

Cell done

A teenage delinquent stole a cellphone from a 15-year-old boy near the corner of Willoughby and Clinton avenues on March 3.

The victim said the hoodlum demanded that he empty his pockets. But the teen refused, leading to a scuffle in the streets at 3 pm. The thief snatched the cellphone in the skirmish and fled.

Benz out of shape

A rogue stole oodles of goodies from a parked luxury car on Washington Avenue overnight on March 3.

The late model Mercedes Benz was parked between Lafayette and Greene avenues from 5 pm to 10:50 am, the 38-year-old owner told cops. When the driver returned he said someone had damaged the car and taken a lady’s ruby and diamond ring, an iPod, $200 and a gift card for $100.

All’s fair

A woman half the age of her manly companion allegedly stole his considerable valuables during a pre-dawn argument near the corner of Washington and Willoughby avenues on March 1.

The victim, 44, said that during the 5 am spat, his 22-year-old gal pal stole $1,000, a ring and cellphone. Police say they caught the culprit shortly thereafter.

Steal wheels

A thief got an easy one, stealing a rented car that had been parked on March 1 on Carlton Avenue with its doors unlocked.

That such a crime could happen in New York City may not have seemed likely to the 30-year-old man from Georgia, who said he left the white Ford van between Fulton Street and Greene Avenue from 3:30 pm to 10:40 pm.

Civic minded

Villains jacked a Honda Civic parked on Cumberland Street overnight on March 1.

The economical import, which had been parked between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, belonged to a 77-year-old woman, who said she left the car at noon and returned the same time the next day.

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