Teen muggings up

Lunch money

Two heartless punks robbed a 13-year-old boy for $12 and an iPod on Banker Street on Oct. 12.

The boy said he was listening to music near Meserole Avenue at about 12:30 pm when the two approached. One asked, “What kind of music you listening to?” When the boy didn’t respond, the perps demanded cash — and the boy was so scared that he gave them his pocket change and his iPod.


A quick-handed bandit stole a hipster’s bag while he played volleyball in McCarren Park on Oct. 13.

The victim told cops that he was sporting in the park, which is at Driggs Avenue and Lorimer Street, at about 7:30 pm. When he went to retrieve his bag next to a nearby tree, he realized it was gone — along with cash, a phone and credit cards.

L-ost it

A hooligan stole a woman’s gold chain on a Manhattan-bound L train on Oct. 14.

The woman told cops that her train stopped at the Bedford Avenue station, which is near N. Seventh Street, at about 4 pm when the jerk ran up and grabbed the chain, ripping it off her neck.


Some thirsty thieves stole boxes full of booze out of a U-Haul truck on Richardson Street on Oct. 14.

The victim told cops that he realized that someone had stolen several cases of assorted liquor from the back of his rental, which had been parked near Kingsland Avenue, at about 12:30 am.

High school sucks

Four teenaged cretins stole a cellphone and backpack from a 14-year-old boy on Metropolitan Avenue on Oct. 15.

The kid said he was near Leonard Street at about 12:20 pm when the four surrounded him and demanded the pack. When he refused, the thugs stole the bag and his phone and fled.


Two dunces were arrested for stealing a woman’s cellphone on Driggs Avenue on Oct. 15.

The woman said she was near N. Sixth Street at about 11:15 pm when the two thugs ran by, one of them grabbing the expensive phone out of her hands. A nearby cop got wind of the action and collared both the thieves.

Stoop theft

A cruel adult accosted a 12-year-old boy on a Norman Avenue stoop and took his iPhone on Oct. 16.

The kid said that he was sitting at his front doorstep, which is near N. Henry Street, texting his friend at about 6:15 pm when the perp ran up the stairs and pushed him over.

The jerk — whom the boy described as an adult — grabbed the phone and fled.

— Andy Campbell