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Teen pilfers guy’s phone, threatens him for password

88th precinct

fort greene–clinton hill

Password plunder

Police arrested a guy who allegedly stole a man’s phone after asking him for the time as he was leaving a B and Q train station near Hanson Place on June 13.

The 17-year-old victim told police he was walking up the stairs at the station at 3:28 pm when he was approached from behind by the 15-year-old suspect, who asked him for the time. The guy went to look at his phone and the suspect asked him for the passcode as he snatched the device out of the victim’s hand at the same time, snarling, “Give me the correct passcode before I punch you.”

The victim, fearing for his safety, told the teen the code, and when the thief was sure it was correct, he passed the device to another guy, who fled onto the platform, according to a report.


A pair of punks mugged a guy as he was walking on Grand Avenue on June 14.

The victim was strolling near Gates Avenue at 2:30 pm when two punks snuck up from behind, forced him against the wall, and searched his pockets for money, police said.

The jerks took a phone out of the victim’s hand and walked off towards Classon Avenue, cops said.

Helping hand

Cops cuffed a guy who allegedly tried to steal a woman’s necklace by pretending to need help on Cumberland Street on June 13.

The lady told cops the man approached her near Atlantic Avenue at 1:20 pm holding up two pieces of paper and asked, “Can you help me?” The suspect grabbed a cross chain the woman was wearing around her neck as she leaned in to examine the paper, but the lady shoved the guy away as he continued to try to grasp the chain.

A passerby ultimately intervened and held the suspect until police arrived, according to a report.


Authorities arrested a man who allegedly struck a guy with a glass bottle after getting into an argument inside a Hanson Place bodega on June 13.

The suspect got into a verbal dispute with his victim near Greene Avenue at 1:12 am, became upset, and picked up a glass bottle, bashing the guy on his arm and chest.

The victim eventually was taken to Methodist Hospital with bruising and cuts, police said.


Some creep slashed a guy with a razor blade aboard a Bedford-Stuyvesant-bound A train on June 16.

The victim told cops he was riding the train near Fulton Street and South Portland Avenue at 6:30 pm when the snake slashed his left and right arms with the blade, causing minor injuries.


Police are searching for a suspect who shot a guy twice on Fleet Walk on June 17.

The victim was near Prince Street at 12:05 am when the shooter pumped one bullet through his mid-back, which exited through the right side of his chest, and another through his chin, which exited through the left side of his neck, authorities said.

The victim was seriously injured and taken to Methodist Hospital, while the shooter fled, a report said.

— Lauren Gill

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