Teen punches adolescent and tries to take cash

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Teen pummeled

An older teen beat up and tried to rob a 13-year-old adolescent who was on Brighton 10th Street on Sept. 9.

Officials said the 13-year-old was near Neptune Avenue on his way home at 3 pm when the older teen approached him and asked him for the time. The victim told police the teen then showed him a watch and asked him to help work it before punching him in the face, head, mouth, and back.

The teen asked the adolescent if he had any money and went through his pockets, but found nothing, according to police. The attacker fled north on Brighton 10th Street, while the victim was left with bumps and bruises on his head and back, a police report said.

Gang wallop

A group of older teens thrashed a 14-year-old student on Bay 49th Street on Sept. 10 when he tried to stop one of them from reaching into his pockets.

The victim told police he was near Cropsey Avenue at 3 pm when six teens, ages 16 to 18, surrounded him. One of the teens tried to put his hand into the victim’s front pocket, but he tried to stop them, said police.

The teens proceeded to punch him multiple times in the face and body, reported officials.

Brick fear

A brute robbed a man on Brighton Beach Avenue on Sept. 11 after demanding a dollar and threatening him with a brick.

The victim, a 33-year-old man, was near Brighton First Road at 2:45 am when a goon approached him and demand a dollar. The victim refused, prompting the thug to pick a brick up off the ground, police reported.

The victim began to run away, but tripped and fell, dropping his bag. The brick-brandishing ruffian kicked the victim, took a wallet and cigarette pack from the victim’s pockets, and stole a laptop from the bag, authorities said.

Dog leash devil

A Sept. 9 traffic dispute on Brightwater Court ended with one man assaulting another with the metal part of a dog leash.

Police reported that the victim was near near Brighton Sixth Street at 4:10 pm, when the leash-wielder, who was driving a black Toyota, struck the victim in the left shoulder with the lead. The attack left the victim with bruises and cuts.

Car break-in

An unidentified fiend stole nearly $5,000 worth of electronics from a parked car on Sheepshead Bay Road on Sept. 11.

The owner of the vehicle told cops he parked his ride near W. Eighth Street and returned at 8:30 pm to find a laptop, cellphone, navigation system, bluetooth headset, and other electronic devices missing from the car.

— Eric Faynberg

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