Teen shot on bench

Shot on bench

A gunman opened fire on Nostrand Avenue on Aug. 23, hitting a 16-year-old boy sitting on a park bench.

The victim told police that he was on the bench, which is near Avenue V, in front of the Sheepshead/Nostrand Houses at 10:15 pm, when he heard several gunshots. Seconds later, he realized that he had been shot in the stomach.

Paramedics took him to Lutheran Medical Center, where he was in stable condition.

Hurricane hooligan

A thief broke into an E. 23rd Street home on Aug. 27 during the height of Hurricane Irene.

The owner of the home, which is between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway, said he followed Mayor Bloomberg’s orders and evacuated his home at noon on Aug. 27.

But when he returned at 6 pm on Sunday, he noticed his front door was open. More than $2,600 in cash, several cologne bottles, a Movado watch and a pricey pair of sunglasses had been removed.

The thief apparently forced a first floor window to get inside, the victim told police.

Boardwalk bash

Two men were arrested on Aug. 29 following a bloody brawl on the Riegelman Boardwalk.

Witnesses said the two men were arguing near Coney Island Avenue at 7:05 pm when they lunged at each other. One suspect punched his opponent in the face while the other cracked his victim over the head with a glass bottle, leaving him hospitalized.

Held for ransom

A 40-year-old man was arrested on Aug. 25 on charges that he swiped a Brighton Beach woman’s Social Security card and passport — and then held the items for a $4,000 ransom.

The victim said the suspect took the documents from her Bay Ridge Parkway home near 21st Avenue. The woman told police about the theft once the suspect demanded money for them.

Busted in car

A 23-year-old thief was arrested on W. Seventh Street in Gravesend on Aug. 29 after he was caught breaking into a Mercedes Benz.

Residents living between Avenues O and P called cops at 2:08 am after the thief smashed the luxury car’s window with a tire iron and began rummaging through the glove box, taking an assortment of cellphones and jewelry

Four-wheeled fury

A 16-year-old thug was taken into custody on Aug. 27 after he lashed out in anger on Bay Seventh Street — smashing a car window with a pair of brass knuckles.

The victim was wigging out near Cropsey Avenue at 11 pm when he smashed the window — and was promptly arrested.

Wallet swipe

A thug lifted a wallet from a 37-year-old on Avenue W on Aug. 26 — then threatened to kill his victim if he went to police.

The victim was nearing Nostrand Avenue at 3 pm when the thief plucked the wallet out of his shorts and made his threats.

E. 17th holdup

A thief jumped a 24-year-old on E. 17th Street on Aug. 24, taking $100 and a cellphone.

The victim on his way home at 6:20 pm when the thief stopped him between Gravesend Neck Road and Avenue W, demanding his property.

Flashlight fiend

A 52-year-old man and his 21-year-old daughter were arrested on Aug. 29 after the two attacked each other with a flashlight on Ocean Avenue.

The two were arguing in their apartment, which is between Avenues Y and V, at 1:43 pm when the attack took place, leaving each other bruised.

Ocean Ave. burgle

A thief broke into an Ocean Avenue apartment on Aug. 24, taking more than $5,000 in jewelry.

The 31-year-old victim said she left her apartment near Avenue X at 8 am. When she returned at 9:30 pm that night, she learned that someone had forced open her front door.

Cold crime

A thief used an air conditioner as a key to get inside an Emmons Avenue apartment on Aug. 24 — while the tenant slumbered inside.

The tenant, who lives near Knapp Street, said he went to bed at 1:26 am. About a half hour later, he heard someone trying to remove an air conditioner left sticking out of a side window.

When he went to investigate he found the thief, who fled out of the apartment door empty-handed seconds later.

— Thomas Tracy