Teen swipes sleeping woman’s phone from her bedroom

94th Precinct


Uninvited guest

A teen burglar busted into a woman’s Meeker Avenue apartment as she was sleeping on Oct. 12 and scrammed with her cellphone when she woke up to find him in her bedroom, police said.

The 26-year-old victim said she went to sleep at 6 pm on Oct. 12 in her apartment at the corner of Graham Avenue and woke up 15 minutes later when she felt something moving on her bed.

She saw the hoodlum trying to take her laptop charger, she said, and asked him who he was, a police report states. He claimed a mutual friend had said he could borrow her stuff, but when she asked which friend, he dashed out, according to officers.

She then realized that her cellphone was missing, NYPD officials said.

So metal

A sneaky thief stole 100 feet of electric copper wire from a Kingsland Avenue business on Oct. 4, police said.

A manager of the business between N. Henry Street and Greenpoint Avenue told police he came to work at 5:30 am and found all the cable wiring connecting the business’s generators missing.

There is a camera in the lot, but it was not working at the time of the theft, police said.

May I have this?

Someone stole a backpack that a woman left on the floor of a Bedford Avenue nightclub on Oct. 4, police said.

The woman said she went to the club between N. Seventh and N. Eighth streets at 1:15 am and set her backpack on the floor while she danced.

When she came back 20 minutes later, the bag, which contained her laptop and camera, had been taken, officers recounted.

Produce the goods

A rude customer stole a wallet from a man who was working at a Manhattan Avenue produce store on Oct. 10, according to the authorities.

The victim reported that he was helping a customer at his place of employment between Nassau and Norman avenues at 12:20 pm when he saw a no-goodnik make a beeline to the counter and throw on his jacket.

The crook took it off quickly and left, and the victim did not think anything of it until he found his wallet, credit cards, and identification gone a couple of hours later, police said.

— Danielle Furfaro