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Teens are nabbed

Double take

Police arrested three teenagers for two surprisingly similar muggings of 12-year-old boys on Hicks and Henry streets on Oct. 10.

The day began with police nabbing a 13-year-old who stole a younger lad’s skateboard on the corner of Hicks Street and Hamilton Avenue at 8:20 am after menacing the victim with a knife.

In the evening, an officer imprisoned two 15-year-old delinquents who stole a cellphone from a different 12-year-old on the corner of Henry Street and Third Place at 7:04 pm after pressing a blade against the victim’s throat.

Saved by the bell

A ringing security alarm scared away an invader attempting to rob a Clinton Street business on Oct. 10.

A burglar broke through a rear wall and was in the process of penetrating the safe in the store between West Ninth and Mill streets but abandoned his criminal quest when the bell pealed at 2:40 am.

Apple a day

A burglar went to great lengths to steal an Apple laptop from a Smith Street office on Oct. 13.

In order to steal the computer — and nothing else — the criminal drilled a hole from the neighboring apartment building through the wall of the business, between Third and Fourth places, at 11:35 pm.

— Mike McLaughlin

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