Teens clean beach

The gates of historic Denyse Wharf were opened last Sunday as environmentally aware students helped cleanup the beach after a harsh winter.

More than 50 students from Fort Hamilton High School and members of the Harbor Seals Swim Team docked on the Brooklyn shore to participate in the annual cleanup of the small piece of Fort Hamilton Army property near the Brooklyn Tower of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

The students removed a Dumpster full of plastic, metal and glass objects as well as driftwood and other flotsam that have washed ashore the legendary beach, which was used as a dock for the British during the Revolutionary War.

“The students come out because they realize how helpful and important it is to maintain this site,” said Thomas Greene, who organized the event. “It’s a great chance for them to do something first hand.”

Sunday marked the 26th year that Greene, a retired science teacher at Fort Hamilton High School, and students headed to the shore to clean beach.

“We do this for the environment, it has become a tradition,” said Greene. “And the turnout was great, I was very happy.”

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