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Teens steal kid’s phone then hit him with a stick

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Stick to it

A gaggle of goons took a teen’s headphones on Shell Road on May 27 — then smacked him with a stick when he tried to get them back.

The kid was between Shore Parkway and Avenue Z in Gravesend at 6:30 pm when five other teens surrounded him and took his headphones, police said. The victim followed his robbers, so they attacked him with a stick, a police report states.

Hallway heist

Two rakes robbed a guy at gunpoint on the second floor of a W. 25th Street residence on May 28.

The pair of punks confronted the victim in a second-floor hallway in a building between Surf and Mermaid avenues in Coney Island at 6:20 pm, police said.

One guy whipped out a gun and ordered the victim to the ground while the other took the guy’s bag, which contained clothes and $100, a police report states.

Under the Boardwalk

A brazen beach-comber robbed a guy at gunpoint under the Boardwalk in the early morning of May 31.

The victim was near W. 15th Street in Coney Island at 5:45 am when gun-toting goon ordered him beneath the historic walkway and took $700, police said.

Set up, knocked out

A ruffian choked and robbed a woman in a W. Eighth Street residence on May 31 as she was trying to help her friend.

The victim got a call from her buddy at 3:10 pm, police said. The woman on the other end of the line said a creep was following her and asked the victim to come help her, a police report states.

The victim went to an apartment between Avenue X and Stillwell Avenue where her friend said she was staying, but when the victim was inside the building, a miscreant came up from behind and choked her, causing her to pass out, officials said.

When she came to, she didn’t have her purse, which contained her wallet, cellphone, and birth certificate.

Spring fling

Three toughs jumped a guy and flung a rock at his head on Brighton Sixth Court on May 26.

The melee erupted between Brighton Sixth Court and Brighton Sixth Lane in Brighton Beach at 4:15 am, police said. The flung rock cut the victim’s head, a police report states.

Alarming burglary

A sneaky prowler disabled an alarm before breaking into a Brighton Sixth Court home on May 27.

The thief snuck into the home between Ocean View and Brighton Beach avenues in Brighton Beach at 3 pm, cutting an alarm sensor and climbing through a rear window, police said. The clever cat burglar made off with $9,500 in cash and jewelry, a police report states.

Sending a message

A bandit with a bone to pick stole $9,900 of electronics from a car on Shore Parkway on May 28 — then scrawled insults onto the burglarized vehicle.

The victim returned to the automobile parked near Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island at 5 am and discovered the theft and vandalism, police said.

The thief took electronics and a cellphone and carved the words “slut” and “slut hoe” into the car’s hood and driver’s-side door, respectively, law enforcement officials said.

— Max Jaeger

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