Terrible trio threatens man with knife and toy gun before robbing him

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Never got on the train

A trio of baddies stole a man’s iPhone 7, threatened him with a knife and toy gun, and kicked him to the ground on the platform of the 71st Street train station on Aug. 20.

The man told cops he was at the station near New Utrecht Avenue just after 1 am, when the group approached him. The first perp grabbed his phone out of his hand and tried to grab his wallet out of his back pocket, while the second pointed a toy gun at him, and the third threatened him with a knife while demanding the passcode to his phone, according to the report. When the man yelled for help, the first two perps fled the station on foot, and the third kicked him to the ground from behind, causing minor abrasions to his right elbow and left knee, and pain to his left wrist, cops said.

Biked into the night

A pair of ruffians punched a man in the head — causing a small cut to his ear — and stole his bicycle and cellphone on 14th Avenue on Aug. 21.

The assault and theft occurred at 65th Street just before 2:30 am, when the trio had a dispute and the pair of goons punched the victim, causing him to flee, according to the report. When he returned to the scene to retrieve his things, he noticed that his goods were gone, he told police.

Wrong roommate

A crook swindled a man out of $2,000 on Aug. 18 by creating a phony lease agreement for a 70th Street apartment, the man reported to police on Aug. 22.

The man reported the fake agreement for the apartment between 18th and 19th avenues at around 9 am, telling police that he wired the man the money and then discovered that he had no authority to rent the apartment.

Flat tires

A baddie stole four rims and tires from a man’s car parked at 21st Avenue on Aug. 22, the man told police the next day.

The theft occurred at the parking spot at 21st Drive around 4 pm, police said.

Got away too quick

A thief stole a man’s wallet with $51 inside that he dropped on the side of 23rd Avenue on Aug. 22 — and used his credit and debit cards to make nearly $180 worth of purchases, the man reported to police on Aug. 23.

The man dropped his wallet near 86th Street around 4 pm, and told police that when he realized he dropped it and turned around to look for it, he saw a man pull over to the side of the road, pick it up, and drive away down 86th Street and towards Bay 34th Street.

Phony tax collector

A lout swindled an Avenue S resident out of $1,050 on Aug. 23 by pretending to be a representative from the Internal Revenue Service and claiming the man owed $8,000.

The man received the text claiming he owed the money at around 6 pm at his home near W. 13th Street, he told police, adding that when he said he did not have $8,000, the swindler told him to purchase $1,050 worth of Google gift cards, which he did.

Friends no more

A pilferer allegedly stole $1,800 from his friend and thousands worth of jewelry from his 63rd Street home on Aug. 21, the man reported to police on Aug. 24.

The victim told police his acquaintance was at his home between 17th and 18th avenues at around 9 am, when he asked him to leave. When the victim returned home from work, his goods were gone, according to the report.

Cash grab

A crook used a man’s personal identification information to steal $1,140 from his bank account through multiple cash machines at an 18th Avenue bank on Aug. 19, the man reported to police on Aug. 25.

The thief stole the cash from multiple cash machines at the bank at 67th Street just after 2 am, according to the report.

One-two punch

A pair of scoundrels punched a man in the face and stole his cellphone near a New Utrecht Avenue bar on Aug. 25.

The assault and theft occurred between 72nd and 73rd streets around 3 am, when the man tried to enter the watering hole and the men approached him, police said. The pair then fled in an unknown direction, according to the report.

— Julianne McShane