Thai-ing it all together

Thai-ing it all together
Ink pad: Get your dry squid at Fei Long Market in Borough Park.
Photo by Cassandra Giraldo

Wondering where can you even get your mitts on Thai spices and dried squid to make the wild dishes in the new “Pok Pok” cookbook a reality? Why, the same places Pok Pok owner Andy Ricker does. True, the Pok Pok NY chef gets most of his ingredients from wholesalers, and even brings back some from his frequent visits to Thailand, but these are the Southeast Asian stores he turns to in a pinch:

Fei Long Market

6301 Eighth Ave. between 63rd and 64th streets in Borough Park, (718) 680–0118

This giant market across from Maimonides Medical Center is a go-to for vegetables, dried squid, and all kinds of sauces.

“Whatever we’re short on that we’re not getting from our suppliers, I’ll get from them,” said Ricker.

Recently, he ran to the market to grab baby octopus for his newest Columbia Street venture, Whiskey Soda Lounge NY, and a vinegar he uses for the bar’s deep-fried pig ears.


123 Lexington Ave. at 28th Street in Manhattan, (212) 685–3451

Taste of Thailand: Fei Long Market in Borough Park is Pok Pok’s go-to place for hard-to-find Thai ingredients.
Photo by Cassandra Giraldo

If for some reason you find yourself in the netherlands of Manhattan, you can get all the spices for laap meuang at this famous Indian specialty shop. “It’s a pretty amazing store,” said Ricker. “They’ve got other things besides spices, too.”

Bangkok Center Grocery

104 Mosco St. between Mulberry and Mott streets in Manhattan, (212) 349–1979

Again, we would not normally recommend venturing this far northwest, but if you need very specific Thai ingredients to rush back to your brownstone, this place is a reliable bet.

“If I need specific brands of palm sugar, or maybe I need some fresh turmeric, I can pick it up here,” he said.

-Meredith Deliso

Aisle get that: Fei Long Market in Borough Park is a destination for Thai chefs.
Photo by Cassandra Giraldo

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