The battle for Brooklyn — Museum

Exclusive: NBC to ‘cape’ our crusaders!
NBC has done this kind of thing before. Two years ago, the network filmed a short-lived series, “Kings,” at the Brooklyn Museum.
The Brooklyn Paper / Bess Adler

No, the Brooklyn Museum isn’t hosting another controversial exhibition. And, no, security hasn’t been tightened beyond the normal array guards and docents.

These actors, extras and crew members from the NBC drama “Kings” came to Kings on Monday and turned the Eastern Parkway institution into a war zone.

A film crew turned the Brooklyn Museum into a well-guarded palace for a scene from the upcoming NBC drama, “Kings.” Man, security at that museum is tight!
The Brooklyn Paper / Bess Adler

Workers delivered a genuine World War II–era tank, then created barricades so the museum could play its part as a fortified castle for the battle-torn show, which centers around a modern-day monarchy and touches on the popular prime-time TV themes as redemption, betrayal, greed, power, war and romance.

Workers delivered a genuine World War II-era tank to the Brooklyn Museum this week. Part of an art show? New security measures? No! The tank, and the museum, will be prominently featured in the upcoming NBC drama ”Kings,” which is not about our beloved county, but about real kings. The show bows in March.
Adam Husted

The two-hour “Kings” premiere is on Sunday, March 15 on NBC.

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