The days after the blizzard

T’was the night after Christmas and all through the city

The blizzard kept us off the streets — what a pity!

The snow brought it’s splendor, covering Gotham in white,

But we couldn’t see the grandeur through the stormy, windy night,

When the morning did come, it brought wondrous beauty

The snow had covered all that sidewalk dog doodie!

The streets and the cars were blanketed with snow

The streets were impassable, but there was nowhere to go!

The snow kept us home, no deliveries, mail

No traffic, trains, buses, no ships that could sail

No stores were open to buy milk, eggs or bread

But our gigantic Christmas feasts made our bellies feel like lead.

No one could get to work — except New York’s Strongest,

Who made the streets drivable, tho that took the longest

Others helped out for extra money badly needed,

To pay for Christmas gifts and the mouths to be feeded

But it still took too long, even working extra-handed

Too bad Santa came before he could have easily landed

Who would suspect the weathermen finally guessed right

As they broadcast gloom and doom constantly through the night

Snow plowing heroes braved the storm for you and me

As we shoveled yellow snow colored by Fido’s dog pee

The days after the snow soon lost all its lustrous beauty

Trudging to work, it turned gray, slushy, slippery and sooty

Was the blizzard really a blessing to greet the New Year,

Making us drive more careful to our parties of cheer?

So the Screecher’s snowy warning is don’t be a statistic

May the New Year be prosperous, healthy and our economy go ballistic!

Screech at you next week!

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