The Falconer: Paper crew spots raptor Downtown

Brooklyn’s got talon!

A peregrine falcon stopped foot traffic in MetroTech Friday afternoon when it perched itself on a branch near a spot where Pokemon Go players were searching for zubats.

Dozens of people stared into the sky at around 2 pm after treasure hunters looking for the imaginary characters spotted a real living thing instead, and quickly spread the word.

Brooklyn Paper editors heading out for their afternoon coffee spotted the commotion and quickly went work, filing a report on what was happening as they — and all good journalists — are trained to do.

Using new technology provided by Mark Zuckerberg’s internet behemoth Facebook, editor Vince DiMiceli and deputy editor Ruth Brown webcast a live report of the action as it went down in what DiMiceli mistakenly referred to as “MetroTech in Dumbo.”

Dumbo, of course, is just minutes down Jay Street, one railroad stop away.

Using a not-so-steady hand and a really bad iPhone zoom, Brown captured the bird as it either relaxed on a bough or, more likely, stalked its prey.

No human beings were in jeopardy according to those on the scene.

“I thought someone was about to jump from a building or something,” said deputy editor Max Jeager, who was also on break. “But then I looked up and saw this adorable bird, and it was clear no one’s life was in danger.”

The gang quickly posted the video, which was, shockingly, chock full of information about falcons that may or may not be true.

By the time DiMiceli, Brown, and Jaeger returned fully caffeinated to follow up, the bird had flow to greener pastures, or, more likely, to the top of a building or bridge.

For those of you that can’t get enough of falcons, here is a popular clip from Saturday Night Live.

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