The Hillary effect: Protesters come to Heights to get Clinton’s ear

The Hillary effect: Protesters come to Heights to get Clinton’s ear
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

What do we want? Hillary! When do we want her? Now!

At least 25 protesters gathered outside the soon-to-be presidential campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton’s at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights to protest a controversial pipeline between Canada and Texas.

The protesters, chanting “When I say ‘Keystone!,’ You say ‘No!’ ” demanded Clinton denounce the so-called Keystone-XL pipeline, the construction of which has already been vetoed by President Obama.

The move by Keystone protesters into Brooklyn came quickly — just a day after Clinton announced her plan to run for president, and less than a week before word leaked that she had signed a lease to come to Brooklyn.

Rabble roused: Miles Bronson of Fort Greene was part of the first group to rally outside Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters since the office was announced earlier this month.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

And the protesters arrived shortly after dozens of anti-Hillary posters were put up blocks from Clinton’s new campaign office

The Daily News reported the posters featured black, white, and gray illustrations of Clinton’s face along with a slew of slogans including “Don’t say entitled,” “Don’t say secretive” and “Don’t say secretive.”

No one knows who put up the posters.

Some of the passersby we spoke to said they weren’t concerned about what the attention such a high-profile office will bring to the neighborhood that is quickly becoming the liberal center of the universe.

Tear down this pipeline: Kenny Bruno of Windsor Terrace calls for Hillary Clinton to take an anti-pipeline stance in her presidential campaign, which will be based out of a Brooklyn Heights office building.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

“It’s fine with me if we keep all the liberals [here],” said attorney Steven Rosenberg, who frequently works at the nearby courthouse and paused while walking by to heckle the protesters. “It’s like a nuclear containment field.”

But others said the increased focus on Brooklyn Heights would improve the general welfare.

“All that security might make the neighborhood safer,” said Daniela Gioseffi, who also happened to be one of the activists.

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Hey Hillary: Michael Korn of Bay Ridge rallies outside Hillary Clinton’s new campaign headquaters in Brooklyn Heights in a bid to call her attention to the Keystone pipeline.