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The leading contenders

Splat (Social Platform for Living, Arts and Theater)
Would raise entire plaza above grade and keep all car traffic underneath. But it looks like someone dropped Montreal’s Olympic Stadium on Grand Army Plaza.

Grand Army Plaza is now filled with lots of pie-in-the-sky (and even a few plaza-in-the-sky) visions for fixing the long-isolated traffic island and reintegrating it into the heart of Brooklyn. You can visit the exhibit, now through Oct. 13, or vote online at vote.reinventinggap.org. Here’s our take on the leading contenders.

Uses the existing berms as active public space. But it does nothing to solve traffic, except add pedestrian overpasses, which no one uses.

Bury Flatbush Avenue and eliminate Union Street to Eastern Parkway car lanes. The problem? That's too expensive.

Winning Back G.A.P.
Raises the plaza and reconnects it to Prospect Park by diverting traffic underneath. But It includes an aerial tramway, which is just silly.

A Center for Brooklyn
An elevated section would create an ampitheater and a reflecting pool. But the scheme would eliminate Flatush Avenue link to Plaza Street East and West, which would become cul-de-sacs.
Garrison Architects

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