The nerds get nude at ‘Nerdlesque’ show on Saturday night

The nerds get nude at ‘Nerdlesque’ show on Saturday night

“Star Trek” never looked so good.

In “Nerdlesque,” a geeky burlesque show at the Brick Theater in Williamsburg on Dec. 11, notions of sexiness will get turned on their head.

Producer Chris Chappell, a self-identified nerd, got the idea for the four-eyed striptease after noticing a change in how nerds were being viewed culturally.

“There’s been a thing over the last 15-20 years of ‘the nerd’ being defined as the unsexy outsider,” said Chappell, who defines “nerd spirit” as an obsessive but sincere interest in something unusual. “But if you look at bands like Weezer and the popularity of video games, you see nerds have penetrated our culture.”

The only place left to infiltrate, it seemed, was burlesque, and in “Nerdlesque,” men will strip down to their boxers and women will twirl in pasties with themes including “Star Trek” and “Where’s Waldo?”

Even if you don’t know your Wookies from your Klingons, the show offers something for everyone, said Chappell.

“There are a few references that might go over people’s heads, but the performers are really full of enthusiasm,” said Chappell. “And if nothing else, it’s attractive people taking their clothes off.”

And what nerd doesn’t love that?

“Nerdlesque” at the Brick Theater [575 Metropolitan Ave. between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, (718) 907-6189], Dec. 11 at 11 pm. Tickets $10. For info, visit www.bricktheater.com/nerdlesque.