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The old ‘What time is it’ trick

Larceny time

At least two muggers conned civilians into taking out their cellphones using the old “Do you know the time?” trick on the same day this week. Here are the dastardly details:

• A thug mugged a man on the corner of Irving Place and Gates Avenue on July 19, convincing him to take out his phone before grabbing it and running away at around 11:12 pm. The victim told cops that he was near the corner when a man with a Caesar haircut grabbed the phone

• Six muggers tried the same trick on Emerson Place at 12:50 am on July 19, but their would-be victim escaped. The man told cops that one of the muggers smacked the phone out of his grasp as he stood between Myrtle and Willoughby avenues, but the victim was able to distract the muggers with a $20 bill and ran away, escaping with phone in hand.

Baby swipe

A crook stole a pink leather bag from a baby stroller at a Fulton Street supermarket on July 23, making away with $1,000 of accessories and credit cards.

The victim told cops that she was shopping at the supermarket near S. Portland Avenue at 3 pm when the thief grabbed her bag and headed to the door.

Clinton creeper

A burglar robbed a Clinton Avenue basement apartment on July 20 while the victim was at work.

The victim told cops that he left his residence between Vanderbilt and Waverley avenues at 8 am, and returned at 6:45 pm to find his Apple laptop and digital camera missing.

Car trouble

Thieves broke into at least two vehicles last week. Here’s a rundown:

• A miscreant smashed open the passenger-side window of a Nissan on July 23 and stole an Apple iPod pouch, and $100. The victim told cops that he parked his car near the corner of Clermont and Park avenues at 11:20 am, and returned at 1 pm to find his goods gone.

• A thief with magically soft hands swiped a Toyota Highlander on Dekalb Avenue on July 22, leaving no evidence at the scene. The victim told cops that she parked her car between Cumberland Street and Carlton Avenue at 10:15 pm, and returned eight hours later to find her car missing.

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