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The President must call it what it is, and fight back

History has repeated itself.

In 1938, England’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler and Germany after signing the Munich Agreement, it did not work. It took the lives of more than 6 million Jews, countless military personnel, members of the French resistance and the concerted efforts of all the allies — the bravest of the world’s men and women — to unite to rid the world of the most pervasive cancer of its time.

Eighty years on and again the world is facing another pervasive cancer. The time has come to stop the appeasement. The time has come for the world’s leaders to band together to rid the world of another pervasive cancer in our midst.

On Sept. 11, 2001, al-Qaeda, radical Islamic terrorists, perpetrated a concerted attack on the United States, covering three states and taking the lives of more than 3,000 innocent souls. Last week in France, ISIS, another bunch of radical Islamic terrorists, perpetrated a concerted attack covering four locations taking the lives of more than 130 individuals who were living peacefully and enjoying a lovely Friday Parisian night. Their existence was vaporized in violence — all in the name of Allahu Akbar and in the blink of a suicide bomber’s eye. Not the Aryan Nation this time but the nation of Islam. Not since 1944 has France experienced this level of violence on its streets.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but the vast majority of terrorists are Muslim. We cannot deny this fact any longer, there is no more time to appease.

The seat of our government, the White House, cannot dance around, play nice and bow down to the caliphate in some misguided attempt to bring peace — it is Radical Islamic Terrorism, not “twisted ideology,” or any other handy dandy sobriquet. These are the three most-feared words in any language and yet our president refuses to name it for what it is.

Appeasement didn’t work in 1938 and it ain’t gonna work now. We have failed to heed the warnings and because of that failure the world weeps with the tears of tragedy and suffers the senseless deaths of hundreds of innocents. This evil will not go silently into the cold dark night — the only way to be rid of it is to face it and then annihilate it.

Not for Nuthin™ but what good is history if we learn nothing from it?

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