The Prospect Heights blotter is back!

77th Precinct

Prospect Heights

Conned out of cash

Money doesn’t grow in bandannas.

A 72-year-old man learned this lesson the hard way on April 1 when he fell for a flim-flam artist’s mystical money scheme.

The senior told police that he withdrew $6,400 from the Citibank on Flatbush Avenue between Sterling Place and Plaza Street East at noon and gave it to the con artist for a “religious reason.”

He wouldn’t go into further details, but he either fell for the old cleansing evil spirits con or the double-your-money scheme. In both cases a priest or priestess takes the money, wraps it in a bandanna, spouts some gibberish and gives the bandanna back to the victim.

But by that point the con artist has already made the switch and hands the victim a bandanna filled with newspaper — which is just what the senior got back.

Key’d in

A sticky fingered thief was arrested at a Flatbush Avenue Key Food on April 2 after he tried to pinch $280 from a store register.

Police said the 27-year-old thief entered the supermarket between Park and Sterling places at 6:15 pm, snaked his hand into the open till and snatched the cash.

A security guard grabbed him as he slithered toward the exit, said police.


An employee at an Atlantic Avenue McDonald’s helped bag a hamburglar caught breaking into cars inside the eatery’s parking lot on April 1.

Police said that the employee was throwing out the trash at 8:45 am when he saw the 36-year-old thief smash the passenger side window of a 1996 Nissan Maxima.

The thief grabbed a navigation system and ran off down Vanderbilt Avenue, not knowing that the employee had called police.

Cat fight!

A 27-year-old woman suffered a cut to her head and hand on April 3 as she fended off a female assailant on St. Marks Avenue.

Officials said that the victim was arguing with the 28-year-old acquaintance inside an address between Classon and Franklin avenues just after 3 am when the outraged woman began threatening her with a knife.

The 28-year-old suspect then lobbed a bottle at the victim, striking her in the head.

As paramedics arrived to render aid, cops took her attacker into custody, charging the woman with assault.

Altima bust

Someone busted the driver’s-side window on a Nissan Altima on Lincoln Place on March 31.

The owner told police that the vandalism took place sometime before 6:30 pm as the car sat between Franklin and Classon avenues.

Nothing was taken, the victim said.

— Thomas Tracy