The slum rap: How the Israel bros harassed low-income tenants out

Trashed: The landlords demolished the kitchen and bathroom at their building on Linden Street in Bushwick, then made tenants live in the mess for 17 months.
File photo by Stefano Giovannini

Brooklyn slumlords Joel and Amrom Israel may not be spending a day in the slammer for harassing tenants out of their Brooklyn buildings, but they did have to sign a 20-page plea agreement outlining their dastardly deeds.

Here are some of their worst acts, according to the document:

• At 91 Linden St. in Bushwick, the brothers promised to renovate the kitchens and bathrooms of two families’ apartments, but instead just demolished them. The families then had to live in the decimated domiciles for 17 months with no cooking or cleaning facilities and no running water, while rats and mice took up residence in the holes.

• They hired goons to intimidate tenants at several buildings by wandering the building with pit bulls and sledgehammers. At Linden Street, they also invited drug users in to get high in the hallways.

• When one tenant refused to vacate his apartment at 386 Woodbine St. in Bushwick, the Israels built a wall in the middle of his kitchen and one blocking his front door so he couldn’t get inside.

• They dealt with another tenant who didn’t want to give up her unit at 15 Humboldt St. by securing an eviction warrant and getting a city Marshal to remove all her belongings. They demolished her apartment the same day so she couldn’t come back.

• The duo did demolition work on the second floor of their building at 300 Nassau Ave. in Greenpoint while families — one with newborn twins — were living on the first and third floors, causing the entire building to lose heat for a month. When the tenants then declined a cash offer to leave, the brothers hired people to vandalize the property so badly that the city had to slap a vacate order on the whole building.

Read the full plea deal below:

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