The weekender! Here’s what you should do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Now that we’ve all defrosted from that horrifying Halloween blizzard, we can all relax again. So go strap on your snow boots, wrap yourself in your seal skin parka, stick an industrial shovel in your back pocket and hop into your snow mobile — you know, just in case — and hit the town. Brooklyn: it’s weekend!

• Start your weekend off right on Friday evening and spend a little time with Marcel the Shell with shoes on — and creators Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp at Powerhouse Arena, where they will release their new book, “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Things About Me.”

• Then you should probably go get Farked on Friday night — and we mean that respectfully — at the Fark.com’s annual bash where you’ll rub elbows news nerds of all creeds at Draft Barn. News nerds? 300 different craft beers? Yes, please.

• Opa! Get your Greek on at Santorini Grill, which will implement its “pay what you wish” plan for lunch and dinner for a month starting Friday. Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

• While you’re up in Williamsburg, stop by the new Midwestern bar we’re all enamored with, Burnside Brooklyn. Order some cheese curds and a “Jucy Lucy” — don’t blame us for the heartburn!

• On Saturday morning, go check out education rock legends the Deedle Deedle Dees play songs from their new album, “Strange Dees, Indeed,” at the Knitting Factory.

• Then, head over to brand new restaurant Walden for a bite to eat — it comes recommended! Try the chicken meatballs, the rice cake and the pork shoulder.

It's marathon Sunday, which means: time to drink lots of beer while watching other people exercise!

• Go see the Brooklyn Museum’s brand new art exhibit, “Youth and Beauty: Art in the American Twenties.” Trust us, you’ll be glad you did, even if it does cost $2 more than it did last week!

• Check out “The Birth of Baby X,” Marni Kotak’s “crowning achievement” and most-buzzed about art installation that documents — in detail — the on-site birth of her son last Wednesday. Highlights include: a painting made by the baby’s father — from the mother’s afterbirth. Steel your stomach for this one, guys!

• Round out your Saturday night at a burlesque performance for the second night of Wasabassco’s Seventh Anniversary Extravaganza at the Bell House. Expect the unexpected!

• In the mood for some Capoeira? Yeah, duh, of course you are! In that case, on Sunday, hightail it over to the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts for a dance show by break dance troupe Soul Street Dance.

• Sunday means: iiiiit’s marathon time! Set up shop somewhere along the route — we’ve got a handy dandy guide to help you eat and drink the day away!

• And as always, these and other great events are in our exclusive family calendar, our fabulous nightlife calendar, and our matchless events calendar.

Don't miss Wasabassco's Seventh Anniversary Extravaganza party on Friday and Saturday at the Bell House!
Photo by Luke Ratray