These Gentlemen are not quiet

Tophats and T-shirts: (Left to right) Frank Garcia, Taylor Sesselman, Dave Hawk, and Jonathan Kreinik are the Gentlemen who will blow your hair back at Union Pools Summer Thunder on August 4.
Photo By Suz Reyes

These heavy metal freaks don’t want to be misunderstood.

They call themselves the Gentlemen, even though “noisy punk” could be an apt description for their fast, upbeat, and heavily rhythmic music. Reveling in the contradiction, the group of rockers say there’s a lot more going on, and they hope listeners don’t just bang their heads at the Summer Thunder series at Union Pool on August 4.

They hope they dance.

“Our guitars shred, squeal and lurch,” guitarist Frank Garcia admitted in an email conversation. “But these are rock songs that are intended to get your head and hips bobbing.”

Also, the sophisticated Gentlemen are not unaware of their roots, and say they carry the influences of classic punk musicians such as Black Flag, Husker Du, Discharge, and Can.

But they refuse to let their deep musical influences hold them down — they are relentless rockers.

“Meaty snarling rhythms and hyperactive drumming make up our extreme approach,” said Garcia.

Also in attendance will be the Baltimore band Dope Body and fellow Brooklyn band, the Call of the Wild.

And for those who get thirsty and hungry rocking out, the Union Pool venue will also provide free beer, and the El Diablo Taco Truck will be parked in the venue’s outdoor patio.

All the bands, booze and tacos has these Gentlemen thinking this event will be a memorable one.

“It’ll feel like a big old backyard party, a house show rager,” said Garcia.

Gentlemen at Union Pool [484 Union Ave. at Meeker Avenue in Williamsburg. (718) 609–0484, www.union-pool.com]. Aug. 4, 3pm, Free.

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